Saturday, July 12, 2008

Waiting... and Waiting!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are still here, still pregnant and still waiting!! We've been walking up a STORM - we went to the Orange County Fair last night for hours - but little Darby just seems laid back and content in there. I am beyond ready though!

My next DR appointment is on Monday! I will update on my progress then, if nothing exciting happens before that!

Personally, I think tomorrow, July 13th, would be a perfect day for Darby to join the world. Here is why:

As you all know, getting to this point (9 months pregnant) was not an easy journey for us. With our first pregnancy, on Feb. 7th, we found out we had lost our little bean. This time around, Feb. 7th happened to be the day we found out we were expecting a little GIRL! Last year, on July 13th, we lost our little munchkin. So I tend to believe that THIS year, on July 13th, would be a perfect day for us to finally hold our baby! Although we will NEVER forget how we felt on those 2 days in 2007, we will never forget the happiness felt in 2008.

Come on little Darby! We have SO much waiting for you!!


Dawn said...

Hang in there, girl! You're in the home stretch. I'm thinking of you and hope she comes soon. *Hugs*

Yo said...

Annie - you're sooooo close! We're so excited to see little Darby. Sending you good thoughts for this week. I'm just so happy for you all! xoxo Yo!