Monday, November 24, 2008

Dinning with Darby!

Here are two videos of Darby since we have started her on veggies and rice cereal! The first video is from the 18th, when Darby had her first tastes of something other then breast milk. The second is from Saturday night after she had some peas (which she didn't love. I don't blame her, they smell horrible!) Enjoy!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Four Months Old!

As a 4 month old Darby has officially graduated to a size 2 diaper, loves her rice cereal and has gobbled up both sweet potatoes and peas! I just can't believe how quick she is growing! Today she is wearing a size 6 month outfit, and it FITS her! What a chunk! Her cheeks are the MOST kissable cheeks EVER.
We are so excited for her very first Thanksgiving coming up this week! Last year we started hosting dinner for my parents, Eric's parents, brother and Aunt and Uncle. It is so much fun and I'm really looking forward to it with Darby here. Having a baby (or child) really makes the holidays so much more exciting. I'm sure they will just keep getting more exciting as she grows and realizes what's going on!

Here are a few "I am 4 months old" shots I took of Darby.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

High Chair Time!

Darby's checkup went so well yesterday. She is now a whopping 14lbs 8oz and is 25 1/4" long! That puts her in the 75th percentile for both weight an height! She is growing so well and the Dr. was very impressed. We got the go-ahead to start little D on some solids - rice cereal, veggies and fruits. So yesterday while Darby was napping I decided to put together the high chair.

I decided that since I wanted to be sure Darby loooooves to eat her veggies, we would start those before we introduce the fruits. Here are some pictures of D (from this morning) enjoying her rice cereal and some sweet potatoes. (As I'm sure you'll notice she is wearing two different outfits. She had a major poop-out and required a costume change mid-meal!!)
She is really liking the cereal and sweet potatoes! She got really messy, but it was so fun. Last night as we were putting her in her bath (her little tub goes over the kitchen sink) we decided to try a few more bites of the sweet potatoes. She loved it and it made for some really silly but cute pictures! (Don't worry, there wasn't any water in the tub yet and of course we wiped her off before we actually have her a bath!)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Darby Tellin' It Like It Is!

Here's a video (it's a few weeks old already) of Darby talking up a storm - in a rather frustrated tone! I really need to stop the pre-nap recording since she is just a bit crabby then, but it also seems to be one of her cutest times, so I can't help myself!

... and... today our little Darby girl is FOUR MONTHS OLD! Time flies! This morning I was nursing her at 9 am, I just kept thinking about how four months ago I was pushing away and we were about to meet her. Now four amazing months later, she has changed so much and is growing by leaps and bounds every single day! Four month check up is tomorrow morning, so I'll be sure to post sometime after that to update on her growth! I also need to take some "I am 4 months old" pictures! Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Exersaucer Fun!

I recently put together Darby's exersaucer, and it's a hit! She loves being in it and playing with all the cool toys.

Darby has been doing great, not up as much at night, but unfortunately we still aren't back to sleeping 6 hours straight! But beggers can't be choosers, and I'd rather have her only sleep 4 hours straight then one!

She will be 4 months next week! Time flies! I am excited for her Dr. appointment - but poor thing will have to get more shots. I'm not looking forward to THAT part! I just can't wait to hear how much she's grown, and find out whats next! I am hoping the Dr. ok's her for some rice cereal and to slowly start introducing fruits and veggies.

We are really excited to be planning a trip to Big Bear for Darby's first New Years with a group of our friends. It's going to be Darby's first trip, and I hope there will be some snow so she can experience her first snow too!

On another note, last week Eric started taking our little D on a nightly run with him in the baby jogger. She loves it! He says she is quiet the whole time - well she's only been three times, and fell asleep once! I have her all dressed and wrapped in a blanket and as soon as Eric gets home from work we put her in the jogger. He gets changed and off they go! It's great because I get to cook dinner (which I love to do) without interruption! I will have to take some pictures of Darby all snuggly in the jogger. For now, here are a few from their very first run together last Saturday
Just one more quick thing I wanted to share with all of you - yet another use for the all too useful Boppy pillow -

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Darby's One and Only...

.. Great Grandpa!

The day Darby was born, her eyes widened (I am not exaggerating!) when her Great Grandpa spoke to her. He is very special, the only Great Grandpa she has living and is one of those - one in a million kinda people. She already loves him very much, as I think it's very obvious by looking at these pictures.

(Pictures taken by Darby's Great Aunt Cindy - who she loves very much too!)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Darby's First Halloween Festivities!!

Darby loved her first Halloween celebration!
On Wednesday night, we started off by carving our pumpkins, and Darby helped!
Eric carved out the big pumpkin, and I handled the carving of Darby's little one. Next year we are going to get 3, one Daddy pumpkin, one Mommy pumpkin, and a Darby pumpkin! This year Eric carved a skeleton cross bones into the big one, and I made an owl face in the small one. Eric's still looked great by Friday, but mine ended up caving in before the trick or treaters could see it!
Here is Darby's Halloween day outfit. (I got the tshirt for 2 bucks the day before!)

On Halloween night, we set up 2 chairs and a table with the pumpkins on it at the end of our driveway to hand out candy. It was a lot of fun seeing all the little kids dressed up (and some scary teenagers too!). Darby was a trooper, stayed in her costume the whole night, and everyone commented on how cute she looked - and of course we concurred!

Once there was a lull with trick or treaters, we got together with some of our neighbors and walked down to a haunted house. I opted to stay outside with Darby and the twins (our neighbors that are 3 and a half), but everyone else went inside. I'm not a big haunted house person, I actually HATE them, so I wasn't sad to miss it! Eric said it was really good, and I'm sure it was - the little girl Andrea that lives across the street from us came out crying, her dad came out laughing. I'm guessing I would have been more like Andrea then her Dad!

It was a great first Halloween for our little family. We are looking forward to next year and doing it again, plus taking Darby around to trick or treat!