Sunday, November 2, 2008

Darby's First Halloween Festivities!!

Darby loved her first Halloween celebration!
On Wednesday night, we started off by carving our pumpkins, and Darby helped!
Eric carved out the big pumpkin, and I handled the carving of Darby's little one. Next year we are going to get 3, one Daddy pumpkin, one Mommy pumpkin, and a Darby pumpkin! This year Eric carved a skeleton cross bones into the big one, and I made an owl face in the small one. Eric's still looked great by Friday, but mine ended up caving in before the trick or treaters could see it!
Here is Darby's Halloween day outfit. (I got the tshirt for 2 bucks the day before!)

On Halloween night, we set up 2 chairs and a table with the pumpkins on it at the end of our driveway to hand out candy. It was a lot of fun seeing all the little kids dressed up (and some scary teenagers too!). Darby was a trooper, stayed in her costume the whole night, and everyone commented on how cute she looked - and of course we concurred!

Once there was a lull with trick or treaters, we got together with some of our neighbors and walked down to a haunted house. I opted to stay outside with Darby and the twins (our neighbors that are 3 and a half), but everyone else went inside. I'm not a big haunted house person, I actually HATE them, so I wasn't sad to miss it! Eric said it was really good, and I'm sure it was - the little girl Andrea that lives across the street from us came out crying, her dad came out laughing. I'm guessing I would have been more like Andrea then her Dad!

It was a great first Halloween for our little family. We are looking forward to next year and doing it again, plus taking Darby around to trick or treat!


Kate said...

LOL about the $2 Halloween shirt! Babies R Us, right? I scored a bunch of skeleton and little devil sweatsuits for $1.35 + tax each! I got some for my friend and some for myself...hopefully for next year. Sounds like you guys had a great Halloween!

Colleen said...

Awesome pumpkins! Next year, you'll have to come to a "real" pumpkin farm and help us carve some here in MA. Phil and I are definitely lacking in the creativity department...
And thanks for adding me to your list of sites :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh it looks like you all had fun! I can't wait til next year... hopefully our little ones will be able to say "trick-or-treat!" loveys, holls & amelia PS love the pics! You look terrific!