Saturday, November 22, 2008

Four Months Old!

As a 4 month old Darby has officially graduated to a size 2 diaper, loves her rice cereal and has gobbled up both sweet potatoes and peas! I just can't believe how quick she is growing! Today she is wearing a size 6 month outfit, and it FITS her! What a chunk! Her cheeks are the MOST kissable cheeks EVER.
We are so excited for her very first Thanksgiving coming up this week! Last year we started hosting dinner for my parents, Eric's parents, brother and Aunt and Uncle. It is so much fun and I'm really looking forward to it with Darby here. Having a baby (or child) really makes the holidays so much more exciting. I'm sure they will just keep getting more exciting as she grows and realizes what's going on!

Here are a few "I am 4 months old" shots I took of Darby.


Monica said...

Simply adorable!! What more can be said.
Aunt Monica

Colleen said...

Anne, I love the hair bows. Where do you get them? I'm thinking they would look adorable on Maggie although she would probably pull hem off! Love the Christmas themed blog (I may have to do a little decorating myself)!

hollyli said...

2 cute 4 words!

jlmishler said...

Super cute pics of Darby!!! I found cute headbands like that over here!! YAY! I cant believe its been 4 months! Hope all is well and that you three have a fab thanksgiving!!! Loves J and K