Wednesday, November 19, 2008

High Chair Time!

Darby's checkup went so well yesterday. She is now a whopping 14lbs 8oz and is 25 1/4" long! That puts her in the 75th percentile for both weight an height! She is growing so well and the Dr. was very impressed. We got the go-ahead to start little D on some solids - rice cereal, veggies and fruits. So yesterday while Darby was napping I decided to put together the high chair.

I decided that since I wanted to be sure Darby loooooves to eat her veggies, we would start those before we introduce the fruits. Here are some pictures of D (from this morning) enjoying her rice cereal and some sweet potatoes. (As I'm sure you'll notice she is wearing two different outfits. She had a major poop-out and required a costume change mid-meal!!)
She is really liking the cereal and sweet potatoes! She got really messy, but it was so fun. Last night as we were putting her in her bath (her little tub goes over the kitchen sink) we decided to try a few more bites of the sweet potatoes. She loved it and it made for some really silly but cute pictures! (Don't worry, there wasn't any water in the tub yet and of course we wiped her off before we actually have her a bath!)


jlmishler said...

These pictures make me smile! YAY for her 75th percentile!!! WoW! Loves! J and K

Colleen said...

When I was nursing and somebody would comment on my chubby baby, I would tell them that I make heavy cream not milk. Looks like you do too!! She's adorable, great idea with starting the veggies don't want them to get a sweet tooth too soon :-)

Anonymous said...

The doctor should be impressed; Darby is thriving and happy, because she's in good hands! I think now that she's on solids, you'll find she sleeps longer, as will you!