Friday, August 29, 2008

A Visit To Mommy's Doctor

On Thursday Darby went with me to my postpartum checkup. It was so great, after being through 2 losses with Dr. Gonzalez and her staff, to be able to walk into that office with my baby! Everyone in the office was so excited to see Darby! The receptionist Liz immediately came out to see Darby and check out the red hair she had heard about from Dr. G after my delivery. As for my check up, I got 2 weeks slapped on to my recovery time, still not healed "down there." It's a good thing Darby is so cute and I just love her so much, I can look past the fact that she reeked some havoc on my nethers!!

As for Darby, she is doing good! This week we did have some poo-poo problems though. She went from Sunday to Wednesday with no poop! Now you might think that doesn't sound like a big deal. But for first time parents, with a baby that usually pooped 4 time a day, no poop at all was a concern! She had still been eating and tooting up a storm, but it was just odd that she hadn't pooped. As we learned, around 6 weeks of age, a baby's intestines mature and they will begin to poop less. The good news is that on Wednesday afternoon, when I got home from running errands, she pooped! It was an outfit changer - so I think she is all caught up now!!

This weekend is a long weekend for Eric and I am looking forward to some quality family time! On Monday we are planning to take Darby somewhere, not sure were just yet. Maybe the beach or a park. Wherever we go, it will be out of the house and nice to spend the time with each other and Darby! We will be sure to bring the video or digital camera!

We hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Video of Our Cutie & Birth Day Slideshow - Finally!

Here's a quick video of Darbs relaxing in her swing. As I'm sure you'll notice, she is getting so big!!

And finally here is a very overdue slide show of Darby's birthday!! Enjoy!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Darby's 1st Boyfriend, Baby Bjorn with Daddy & A Clean Baby!!

We are so happy to share that our friends Mark & Rachelle welcomed their sweet baby boy Jackson James into the world on 8/21, at 9:35pm! He weighed in at 7lbs, 8oz and is just as cute as can be.

On Sunday we went over to meet Jackson. Darby may only be a month (plus a week) old, but she certainly knows a little hottie when she sees one! We can't wait for Jackson and Darby to grow up together

Here's a picture of Eric modeling the Baby Bjorn, of course along with Darby! She hadn't been in it for very long when she fell asleep. It is not hard for her to get comfy and poop out!

Finally, here's a few pictures I snapped of Darby the other night just after her bath! We are trying to get into somewhat of a routine. So far, pretty much the only "routine" part is her bath before I nurse her and go to bed! I suppose it's good that we have a bedtime routine going, now if I could just get a daytime routine! She is just still too unpredictable. I am anxious for her to reach 11lbs, I hear that she should be able to go longer between feedings then! At the rate she is growing, I don't think it will be THAT long!

She had a little case of baby acne, (as you can probably notice in the pictures), but it is clearing up now.

Other then that, we are doing really good! Darby is really smiling a lot now (and it's not just gas!) I took a video of her this morning sitting in her swing and she smiled a few times while I was taping! I will post it soon.

I have been putting together a photo album of the birth and lots of pictures we have taken since. It reminded me that I never posted the birth pictures, besides the few I posted right away. I'm going to put a slide show together one of these days and post it. As usual I have a lot of things I want to get done, who knows when it will really happen! It's all up to Darby!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One Month Old & Pictures With Mommy

It is SO hard to believe that Darby is already ONE MONTH OLD! But she is! Our little cutie is still getting cuter by the day - I know, is that possible? I think so! Here are a few " I am one month old" shots:
I realized the other day, that we have so many pictures of Darby with friends and family, but besides the pictures from the birth, none of me and her! I am obsessed with snapping pictures of her and Eric, so I asked him to take a few! I will post some others soon!

Darby means the world to me. It was always my dream to be a Mom and care for my own baby. I have always felt that I was made for it. I loved being a nanny throughout my high school and college years, it certainly helped prepare me to care for my own. But, nothing compares to being able to sooth the cry of your own baby, and as a mother (or father) provide a love no one else can. I'm sure as she grows it will feel even more rewarding. I love being Darby's Mommy!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just Cute!

Here's a video of Darby before a diaper change. I know I am bias, but she is just TOO CUTE! I still feel like I need to pinch myself on a daily basis, I just can't believe I am a MOMMY!! I am loving every single second of it (yes, even though the 3am feedings make it a wee bit difficult!). The whole thing is nothing short of amazing and I LOVE our little family!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Relaxin' in the Swing & 4 Weeks Today!

Here's a quick video of Darby relaxing in her swing this afternoon!

Darby has been growing so much in these past few weeks. I can hardly believe she is 4 weeks old today, and will be a MONTH old on Sunday! She is smiling more, staying awake during the day more (woo hoo!) and eating up a storm. I need to weigh her to see how much she's gained!

She LOVES to go on walks - which has me walking to run some errands like going to Walgreens and the Post Office instead of driving!! Luckily, it's been hot, but not TOO hot! She is so alert and prefers to sit so she can see around her, as opposed to being in your arms looking up at you. She has been able to hold her head up since practically the day after she was born - such a smarty!

Last week she went to her first summer concert in the park, and to a quick visit to the beach! We can't wait to take her on more fun outings as she grows!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Darby With The Hiccups!

I can't imagine having the hiccups as much as our little Darby! Not to mention, when she has them, it's not a quick case of the hiccups. Sometimes she even falls asleep hiccuping! Poor thing! Here's a little video I took of one of her recent hiccup episodes! I wish she didn't cry at the end, but I don't blame her, I'd be frustrated too! Having the hiccups is nothing but annoying!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In Daddy's Arms

Here are some more of the pictures I have taken of Eric and Darby. I just love seeing them together, Eric is such a loving Daddy and Darby, well, I just think she is sweetest, cutest little thing!

Things are going pretty well here. Darby is a good little baby, she just loves to eat - which makes it hard to get things done sometimes! At almost 3 weeks old, its not like I can expect her to be on a schedule YET, but hopefully it's not TOO far off!

Enjoy the pictures and I will put up another video SOON!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Darby Snores!

What kind of first time parents would we be if we didn't constantly have a video camera shoved in our darling little girls face? For this reason, we decided we HAD to have a video camera to be able to upload videos to share with all our friends, relatives and loved ones that wont get to soak up Darby's cuteness in person on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, since it is a new video camera, we weren't paying attention to the settings and it looks sort of stretched now that it has been uploaded to Youtube. Hang in there with us, eventually we will have the videos looking perfect!

In the meantime, enjoy this (slightly distorted looking but way too cute) video!!