Friday, August 1, 2008

Darby Snores!

What kind of first time parents would we be if we didn't constantly have a video camera shoved in our darling little girls face? For this reason, we decided we HAD to have a video camera to be able to upload videos to share with all our friends, relatives and loved ones that wont get to soak up Darby's cuteness in person on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, since it is a new video camera, we weren't paying attention to the settings and it looks sort of stretched now that it has been uploaded to Youtube. Hang in there with us, eventually we will have the videos looking perfect!

In the meantime, enjoy this (slightly distorted looking but way too cute) video!!


Brooke said...

Awww...She is so sweet! Love the video!! Keep them coming!!

Yo said...

Oh wow - she is amazing. Love the video and cute that she snores! (Only little snores though!) Hope you're healing up well and hanging in there! xoxo Yo!

Emi said...

Oh annie, what a love!
It was great to be able to hear your voice and little Darb's noises. I miss you so much sister and can't wait until October!
Love you, Emi