Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One Month Old & Pictures With Mommy

It is SO hard to believe that Darby is already ONE MONTH OLD! But she is! Our little cutie is still getting cuter by the day - I know, is that possible? I think so! Here are a few " I am one month old" shots:
I realized the other day, that we have so many pictures of Darby with friends and family, but besides the pictures from the birth, none of me and her! I am obsessed with snapping pictures of her and Eric, so I asked him to take a few! I will post some others soon!

Darby means the world to me. It was always my dream to be a Mom and care for my own baby. I have always felt that I was made for it. I loved being a nanny throughout my high school and college years, it certainly helped prepare me to care for my own. But, nothing compares to being able to sooth the cry of your own baby, and as a mother (or father) provide a love no one else can. I'm sure as she grows it will feel even more rewarding. I love being Darby's Mommy!


Kate said...

Daddy takes good pictures too! Is it the pictures or does she have reddish hair?

Monty said...

Gorgeous! Oh, and Darby is pretty cute too! So glad you love being a mommy so much!


Yo said...

Look at how cute you and your little Darby are! You are a fantastic mommy and it's nice to see the pics and videos - your love really shines through. xoxo Yo!

jlmishler said...

I love all the pictures! What a cute green dress! She is def your girly girl isnt she? What a sweet picture of you holding her too! :-) Loves!