Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In Daddy's Arms

Here are some more of the pictures I have taken of Eric and Darby. I just love seeing them together, Eric is such a loving Daddy and Darby, well, I just think she is sweetest, cutest little thing!

Things are going pretty well here. Darby is a good little baby, she just loves to eat - which makes it hard to get things done sometimes! At almost 3 weeks old, its not like I can expect her to be on a schedule YET, but hopefully it's not TOO far off!

Enjoy the pictures and I will put up another video SOON!


Monty said...

Oh Annie! I teared up a little! Gorgeous pictures! I am SO happy for you and Eric! She is perfect! Loved the video! Her little snore is to cute!


jlmishler said...

Oh Darby!! Sweet darby! You guys did good! She just looks so sweet! YAY for you and DH!!! Hope all is well!