Friday, August 29, 2008

A Visit To Mommy's Doctor

On Thursday Darby went with me to my postpartum checkup. It was so great, after being through 2 losses with Dr. Gonzalez and her staff, to be able to walk into that office with my baby! Everyone in the office was so excited to see Darby! The receptionist Liz immediately came out to see Darby and check out the red hair she had heard about from Dr. G after my delivery. As for my check up, I got 2 weeks slapped on to my recovery time, still not healed "down there." It's a good thing Darby is so cute and I just love her so much, I can look past the fact that she reeked some havoc on my nethers!!

As for Darby, she is doing good! This week we did have some poo-poo problems though. She went from Sunday to Wednesday with no poop! Now you might think that doesn't sound like a big deal. But for first time parents, with a baby that usually pooped 4 time a day, no poop at all was a concern! She had still been eating and tooting up a storm, but it was just odd that she hadn't pooped. As we learned, around 6 weeks of age, a baby's intestines mature and they will begin to poop less. The good news is that on Wednesday afternoon, when I got home from running errands, she pooped! It was an outfit changer - so I think she is all caught up now!!

This weekend is a long weekend for Eric and I am looking forward to some quality family time! On Monday we are planning to take Darby somewhere, not sure were just yet. Maybe the beach or a park. Wherever we go, it will be out of the house and nice to spend the time with each other and Darby! We will be sure to bring the video or digital camera!

We hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!

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hollyli said...

Nice picture of Darby and Dr. G. Sorry to hear that you got another 2 weeks slapped on your recovery time. Oh well... I am sure that "that" can wait another two weeks, eh? Glad to read that Darby finally pooped. Yea, they go through stages and looks like Darby hit one! In another two weeks or so, expect her to start sleeping longer. Amelia slept through the night (well, 6hrs vs 3hrs) about two days shy of her 8w check up. Enjoy your three day weekend! And Amelia says, "Go Rangers!" hee hee!