Thursday, July 30, 2009

I can't live without ...

... Disposable bibs!

I know I am not alone when I say I forget things. I feel like I forget MORE now then before and it's rare when I actually get out the door with everything I need. On several occasions it was a bib - which is a VERY important accessory because I don't plan on changing Darby's outfit after every meal! So, I decided to pick up some of these -

Now I keep a pack (sold 20/pack for $5) in my diaper bag all the time! What's even better? They are friendly for our environment! You can even turn the bottom up and make a little pocket to catch the food that doesn't make it into your little ones mouth.

A package of green convenience, what more could you ask for!?

Quick update on Julie -
She came home from the hospital on July 19th with new antibiotics to help with the infection in her lungs and trach. Since then she has been resting and eating (her weight dropped to 95lbs, the doctor has told her to eat for her life!) and just trying to heal! Her physical therapy sessions started yesterday. She said it was really hard work and has a long way to go. We are all cheering her on!! It is a long journey and your continued thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DJ Darby

For her birthday Darby got a Sing & Discover Piano from our friends Josh and Angela. She has always loved music and dancing, but now she can sing too! She picked up on it right away. Here is a video I took this afternoon, it still cracks me up! Enjoy!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

D Knows How to Party!

Darby had a blast at her first birthday extravaganza! We had lots of family and friends over to celebrate, and we had a GREAT time! Here are a few pictures to satisfy your curiosity for a bit until I can get more pictures posted!

Our good friend Thomas took some great pictures for us (thank you!!!) and I am sure you will enjoy them!

... and because I know you were wondering! This is what was in the big box Darby opened on her birthday! She LOVES it!

Stay tuned for more!!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Darby!!

From this:

To this:

In one year!
Happy Birthday to our adorably darling Darby doo!!

I have said this in anticipation of this day, but here it is and of course I still can't believe a year has past. At 9:19am pacific time this morning Darby will officially turn 1 year old! No longer a newborn, no longer an infant, Darby begins toddling into toddler-hood! Our first year with Darby has been amazing (of course!) watching her grow and learn more and more every single day.

Darby woke up this morning to her Papa and I singing "happy birthday" to her - while she looked SO confused! But it was a good start to the day. Eric had to go to work, but I brought her out to the living room where she found her present!

The picture taking ended quickly because she started opening it! Smart girl! Of course she has to wait til Papa gets home from work to really open it, so I moved it out of reach for now. Tonight we plan on taking her out to dinner and getting her some frozen yogurt too!

Tomorrow is her big party day! I just know she is going to have a blast with all her little friends and family.

Oh another note, PLEASE keep Julie in your continued thoughts and prayers. Yesterday she was admitted to the hospital again with an infection in her lungs and trach. The doctor is pretty sure it is NOT rejection - which is good. They have started her the strongest antibiotics they make. She is very weak, but we are all holding hope and praying with everything we've got that she is strong enough to fight this!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Year Ago ...

... my sister was in town waiting for Darby to arrive. Even though I was so uncomfortable and hugely swollen in the heat, we had a great time playing scrabble, eating lots of frozen yogurt and just hanging out. I will have those memories with me forever and it was SO special!

... we got our new truck - my non-mom-mom-car as I call it, a week before Darby's due date. It was great timing and we got an amazing deal!

... and exactly a year ago TODAY, I took this picture (around this time too - 7am pacific) right before we left for the hospital. I wasn't nervous at all, just more then ready to hold Darby. We had no idea it was going to take 25.5 intense hours - but we were ready for whatever it was going to take to have our baby in our arms, finally!

Where has the year gone?! I can't believe our little Darby Doo is about to be a YEAR OLD. There's a part of me that is so excited for all the years to come. To watch her grow, learn, amaze us and make us proud. But there this other part of me that just wants to freeze time. Every day that goes by she grows so much - which is wonderful - but at the same time it's another step toward her being older! I just love where she is RIGHT now!

I know I will be thinking of my July 16th, 2008 all day today. How special it was to have not only my #1 (Eric!) by my side, but to have my sister with me every step of the way too. How WORTH it every painful, exhausting, long minute was that gave us our dream come true!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boobie Baby No More!

Darby Doo weaned like a champ. She was ready, and so was I! I loved nursing her for those 11 1/2 months and I can't wait to do it again with our next babe. But for now, the break from being a milk machine is welcomed!

I was really surprised at how easily she transitioned to whole milk. She loves it! I did a few bottles with a mix of breast/whole milk to start the transition, but I really don't think she even needed that. She loves her cows milk bottle!

I on the other hand, didn't have such a easy transition! The last time Darby nursed was June 27th (one feeding in the am) and I am STILL leaking at least twice a day! Yesterday I was at the mall and Darby started fussing (it was nap time) an I just wanted to try a few new bras on. So I walk into the dressing room one handful of bras, Darby in the other AND pushing the stroller. As soon as I get in the room I notice I have leaked through 3 layers - bra, tank and top. Beautiful. I forgot to put breast pads in! Have I mentioned that ever since I had Darby I really could care less what other people think? Darby calmed down and I continued with my shopping. I'm sure there were some confused people in that store when they saw me walking around with wet circles on my chest!! Note to self: wear breast pads!

At least I am not as uncomfortable as I was. If you have breastfed and weaned, chances are you know exactly what I am talking about. It was horrible. I desperatly stuffed cabbage leaves in my bra to try to get some relief. Who knows if it worked - or if it was the motrin that finally kicked in and helped me feel a little better. Ice packs were my best friend!

So to anyone who asks, breastfeeding Darby was the best thing I could have done. It was a great experience (painful at times, but totally worth it). The benefits definitely outweigh the potential discomfort (soreness, cracked nipples, clogged ducts) - and it's SO good for the baby. Nursing Darby truly aided in creating a close bond, many cherished memories and saved us a LOT of money!!!

I can't believe my little Darby doo is going to be ONE in less then a WEEK!!!!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Darby & Her Swing

Darby has always loved to swing. She loved her infant swing and she looooves the swings at the park! We also have a little swing in our backyard. Lately she has been looking into the backyard and pointing to it, saying "weee weee". Of course that makes me want to take her out right away and put her in it. I took this video last week after she requested to go "weeee weeeee".It's kind of long but personally I think it's totally time well spent! Enjoy !

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

I can't live without ...

... our shopping cart/high chair cover!

(Darby out to eat - 6 months old)

This is something I use at least 5 times a week! I bought our shopping cart/high chair cover from a crafting website that sells handmade items called Etsy. I LOVE it and so does Darby. It is made with plenty of quilt batting so it is super comfy. But most importantly, it gives a protective layer to keep Darby from coming in contact with all the germs that cover shopping carts and restaurant high chairs! I know germs are everywhere and I am by no means a germafphobe! But if there is something that can help, the less germs the better!

When I was shopping around for one, personally I thought the ones I found in the stores - Target, Walmart, Babiesrus - were made with less then desirable fabric! That's when I decided to search the internet! Etsy has so many available, all made from the cutest fabrics! I will admit though, they can be on the pricey side - around $40 - but totally worth every penny for the amount I use it!!!

People always compliment it and ask if I made it. I wish I could say I did!

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Back Home

I know it's been awhile since I updated everyone on Julie's progress with her new lungs! (I apologize, as I'm sure you were all probably wondering. We have been so busy with camping trips, family and the 4th holiday!)

(Darby snuggling with Julie's good luck UCLA rally monkey!)

On Friday June 26th, Julie left UCLA Medical Center and headed for home, breathing on her own with NO oxygen. She passed the swallow test earlier that week and was able to start eating soft foods. We have visited her a few times since she has been home, but for the most part she just isn't feeling good and not up to visitors. Her lungs are working PERFECTLY. She has had a few other minor issues, like thrush (a rash/irritation) in her mouth and throat that make it very difficult for her to eat and drink. She actually went back into the hospital for 2 nights this last week to get some IV fluids, but is home again now. Eating isn't easy, but she is such a trooper. She moves around the house on her own - free from the oxygen tubes that used to follow her wherever she went. There are lots of medications Julie has to keep up on now, I think the pill taking alone exhausts her. But she is able to rest MUCH better at home without the interruptions of a hospital - and we all know how key that is to the healing process!

Darby has been able to see her Grandma Julie a few times since she has been home. It has been so nice since she was unable to visit her at the hospital. We want to get in as many visits as we can now since after Darby gets her 1 year shots she wont be able to visit for 6 weeks! I think seeing Darby helps to lift Julie's spirits.

Her recovery has been difficult and she still has a ways to go. We all love her SO much and are just anxious for her to start feeling better so she can enjoy her new lungs!

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