Monday, July 6, 2009

Back Home

I know it's been awhile since I updated everyone on Julie's progress with her new lungs! (I apologize, as I'm sure you were all probably wondering. We have been so busy with camping trips, family and the 4th holiday!)

(Darby snuggling with Julie's good luck UCLA rally monkey!)

On Friday June 26th, Julie left UCLA Medical Center and headed for home, breathing on her own with NO oxygen. She passed the swallow test earlier that week and was able to start eating soft foods. We have visited her a few times since she has been home, but for the most part she just isn't feeling good and not up to visitors. Her lungs are working PERFECTLY. She has had a few other minor issues, like thrush (a rash/irritation) in her mouth and throat that make it very difficult for her to eat and drink. She actually went back into the hospital for 2 nights this last week to get some IV fluids, but is home again now. Eating isn't easy, but she is such a trooper. She moves around the house on her own - free from the oxygen tubes that used to follow her wherever she went. There are lots of medications Julie has to keep up on now, I think the pill taking alone exhausts her. But she is able to rest MUCH better at home without the interruptions of a hospital - and we all know how key that is to the healing process!

Darby has been able to see her Grandma Julie a few times since she has been home. It has been so nice since she was unable to visit her at the hospital. We want to get in as many visits as we can now since after Darby gets her 1 year shots she wont be able to visit for 6 weeks! I think seeing Darby helps to lift Julie's spirits.

Her recovery has been difficult and she still has a ways to go. We all love her SO much and are just anxious for her to start feeling better so she can enjoy her new lungs!

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Monty said...

I've been thinking about her! Thanks for the update. That is amazing news! Yay!

hollyli said...

That's so awesome. Tell her a whole bunch of people she doesn't know are cheering for her!