Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Year Ago ...

... my sister was in town waiting for Darby to arrive. Even though I was so uncomfortable and hugely swollen in the heat, we had a great time playing scrabble, eating lots of frozen yogurt and just hanging out. I will have those memories with me forever and it was SO special!

... we got our new truck - my non-mom-mom-car as I call it, a week before Darby's due date. It was great timing and we got an amazing deal!

... and exactly a year ago TODAY, I took this picture (around this time too - 7am pacific) right before we left for the hospital. I wasn't nervous at all, just more then ready to hold Darby. We had no idea it was going to take 25.5 intense hours - but we were ready for whatever it was going to take to have our baby in our arms, finally!

Where has the year gone?! I can't believe our little Darby Doo is about to be a YEAR OLD. There's a part of me that is so excited for all the years to come. To watch her grow, learn, amaze us and make us proud. But there this other part of me that just wants to freeze time. Every day that goes by she grows so much - which is wonderful - but at the same time it's another step toward her being older! I just love where she is RIGHT now!

I know I will be thinking of my July 16th, 2008 all day today. How special it was to have not only my #1 (Eric!) by my side, but to have my sister with me every step of the way too. How WORTH it every painful, exhausting, long minute was that gave us our dream come true!

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S said...

I can't believe it either that she is already 1! I remember how excited I was for you...and how special it was to IM you every step of the way (from bed rest moments at home to labor!). And to see you and Darby just hours after her birth was so exhilarating and so memorable! I am so grateful to have such a great friend like you to one day advise me on all the pregnant/mommy experiences! You are so lucky to have such a healthy and beautiful baby & she is equally as lucky to have you for her mom! Love your bestie, S