Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Darby!!

From this:

To this:

In one year!
Happy Birthday to our adorably darling Darby doo!!

I have said this in anticipation of this day, but here it is and of course I still can't believe a year has past. At 9:19am pacific time this morning Darby will officially turn 1 year old! No longer a newborn, no longer an infant, Darby begins toddling into toddler-hood! Our first year with Darby has been amazing (of course!) watching her grow and learn more and more every single day.

Darby woke up this morning to her Papa and I singing "happy birthday" to her - while she looked SO confused! But it was a good start to the day. Eric had to go to work, but I brought her out to the living room where she found her present!

The picture taking ended quickly because she started opening it! Smart girl! Of course she has to wait til Papa gets home from work to really open it, so I moved it out of reach for now. Tonight we plan on taking her out to dinner and getting her some frozen yogurt too!

Tomorrow is her big party day! I just know she is going to have a blast with all her little friends and family.

Oh another note, PLEASE keep Julie in your continued thoughts and prayers. Yesterday she was admitted to the hospital again with an infection in her lungs and trach. The doctor is pretty sure it is NOT rejection - which is good. They have started her the strongest antibiotics they make. She is very weak, but we are all holding hope and praying with everything we've got that she is strong enough to fight this!

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Kelli said...

Happy Birthday, Darby!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Monica said...

Happy birthday little Darby!!! Have your mom give you a big hug and kiss from me!

your Great Aunt Monica

Rachelle :) said...

Happy mo froin' birthday Darb Darb!!!

Kate said...

Hope Darby has a wonderful first birthday! Can't wait to see pictures!

Your mother in law will be in my thoughts. :o)

jill said...

Happy Birthday Darby!

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday Darby - what's in the box???

Princess Avanaar said...

Happy Birthday to Darby!! I can't believe she's already a year old! Like my husband always tells me, "Don't blink!" Hope you all have a great day!!