Monday, December 29, 2008

Here Comes 2009!!

We have been busy celebrating the Holidays with Family, and now are packing up to go ring in the New Year with friends up in Big Bear, CA. We are so excited to show Darby the snow!

Stay tuned for pictures and video of all our holiday fun!!

Have a happy and safe New Years!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Here's wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, from our home to yours!

We are so excited to be celebrating Darby's first Christmas, it is such a blessing to have her in our lives. I can't imagine life without her now that she is here, every minute is amazing. (Some are amazingly stressful, but amazing none the less!)

May each of you be filled with the peace and joy that the holiday season brings - no matter what holiday you celebrate!

Much love!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Christmas Carousel

Last Thursday, when Darby sat on Santa's lap, she also got to ride the Christmas carousel for the first time. She had a great time sitting on the reindeer while her Daddy held her. She can't wait for next year so she can ride it again!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Darby Meets The Big Guy In Red

Today we took Darby over to South Coast Plaza to sit on Santa's lap! We thought she might cry (she has been starting to get a little separation anxiety-ish) but she just sat there wondering what was going on! We tried to get a smile, but no dice. I kept saying "Darby, Darby" and when we were all done the "elf" that was there taking the picture turned to us and said "What's her name? Barbie?"

It was a great family fun day. After Darby sat on Santa's lap, she rode the carousel with her Daddy. I took some pictures which I will upload and post sometime tomorrow. (Or try to at least!) We also finished our Christmas shopping, went to dinner and drove around to look at Christmas lights. Little D didn't make it for the lights though, she was pooped.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baking and Park Time With Mommy

Darby is a great little assistant for her Mommy! Last week I baked and decorated some sugar cookies for favors for my best friend Angela's 30th birthday party, and of course Darby helped!

Today after running some errands I decided to stop by the park and push Darby in the swing. A few weeks ago some friends of ours had their baby shower at a park. While we were there we put Darby in the swing for the very first time. She LOVED it! I brought my camera along today and snapped some pics. Next time I'm going to bring the video camera. It's way too cute how she smiles and giggles while she swings!

On Thursday Eric is taking the day off and we are taking Darby to sit on Santa's lap, finishing up our Christmas shopping and then going to go look at Christmas lights. I will be sure to take the camera along!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Just Been Busy!

Yes, we are still here! Sorry I haven't posted in MORE then a week, we've been so busy with Christmas shopping, parties, wrapping gifts and just the normal everyday things that come with caring for a almost 5 month old.

Yep, you heard me! Darby will be 5 months next week!! I really can't believe how FAST this last month went by. I'm sure December will fly by too.

Darby is almost able to sit up on her own, she will put her hand down to support her but doesn't quite understand that if she moves it, she will fall over. It's so cute. She is loving her "solids" (I don't why they are called solids when they are hardly solid. I guess more solid then a liquid.) but not a fan of the fruit. I thought by giving her all the veggies first it would just help her like them more. But she ONLY likes them! I have tried all the fruits - Prunes, Peaches, Pears, Applesauce and Bananas. More then once. She hates them! I even mashed up a banana myself and mixed it with cereal, no dice. She gobbles up all the veggies, except the peas. I couldn't imagine eating squash or carrots at 8am. But hey, if she likes it, it's ok by me!

Darby is starting to grab for EVERYTHING. The other week I was at lunch with my Mom. As she sitting with Darby on her lap, Darby dropped the toy she was playing with. I told my Mom I'd pick it up, but she insisted she could handle holding D and reaching down to get it. As she bent down Darby grabbed her glass and dumped diet coke all over! My poor Mom was soaked in diet coke. Luckily we had already finished eating, and she had a good sense of humor about it. How could she be mad at Darby anyway! :0) Darby must just dump things on people she REALLY loves!

Well, hopefully it wont be another week and a half before I post again! This weekend is another busy one, but next week the calendar is looking nice and bare. With our Christmas shopping almost done, I'm looking forward to some relaxing! We will see if that actually happens!

Here is a video from the end of November that I keep meaning to post.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2 Years Ago...

...Eric and I said "I Do!"

Time flies. Well, I honestly have to say, it was both a long 2 years and a SUPER short 2 years. It was long because the first year we were married was a hard one. Not because we couldn't get along, or were having any marriage related problems. As I'm sure you all know, our first year of marriage was filled with overwhelming sadness in loosing our first and second babies. The pain was unimaginable, but we got through.

By the end of our first year, we were filled with the hope that our dream of having a baby would come true. It did!

Here we are another year later, with a beautifully perfect baby girl in our lives. Darby was more then worth the wait.

In honor of our 2 year wedding anniversary, Eric decided to surprise me by shaving off his yukstash mustache this morning! It was great to get a kiss that felt more like the kiss we shared when we said I do. (Of course it was 630 in the morning, while I was pumping - so it didn't have as much "gusto" as our first kiss as man and wife!!)

In other news...

Little Miss Darby has found her feet! One morning last week when I was changing her diaper, Darby decided to grab her foot. Now, you have to imagine my excitement. I had stuck her feet in her face for months trying to get her to even LOOK at them! I even bought her booties with rattles on them to make her feet more exciting. She just wasn't interested. Until now!