Thursday, December 18, 2008

Darby Meets The Big Guy In Red

Today we took Darby over to South Coast Plaza to sit on Santa's lap! We thought she might cry (she has been starting to get a little separation anxiety-ish) but she just sat there wondering what was going on! We tried to get a smile, but no dice. I kept saying "Darby, Darby" and when we were all done the "elf" that was there taking the picture turned to us and said "What's her name? Barbie?"

It was a great family fun day. After Darby sat on Santa's lap, she rode the carousel with her Daddy. I took some pictures which I will upload and post sometime tomorrow. (Or try to at least!) We also finished our Christmas shopping, went to dinner and drove around to look at Christmas lights. Little D didn't make it for the lights though, she was pooped.

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hollyli said...

Annie - That is such a great picture of Darby and Santa. :) Glad your shopping is all done. Have fun with your first Christmas! loveys, H&A