Friday, December 12, 2008

Just Been Busy!

Yes, we are still here! Sorry I haven't posted in MORE then a week, we've been so busy with Christmas shopping, parties, wrapping gifts and just the normal everyday things that come with caring for a almost 5 month old.

Yep, you heard me! Darby will be 5 months next week!! I really can't believe how FAST this last month went by. I'm sure December will fly by too.

Darby is almost able to sit up on her own, she will put her hand down to support her but doesn't quite understand that if she moves it, she will fall over. It's so cute. She is loving her "solids" (I don't why they are called solids when they are hardly solid. I guess more solid then a liquid.) but not a fan of the fruit. I thought by giving her all the veggies first it would just help her like them more. But she ONLY likes them! I have tried all the fruits - Prunes, Peaches, Pears, Applesauce and Bananas. More then once. She hates them! I even mashed up a banana myself and mixed it with cereal, no dice. She gobbles up all the veggies, except the peas. I couldn't imagine eating squash or carrots at 8am. But hey, if she likes it, it's ok by me!

Darby is starting to grab for EVERYTHING. The other week I was at lunch with my Mom. As she sitting with Darby on her lap, Darby dropped the toy she was playing with. I told my Mom I'd pick it up, but she insisted she could handle holding D and reaching down to get it. As she bent down Darby grabbed her glass and dumped diet coke all over! My poor Mom was soaked in diet coke. Luckily we had already finished eating, and she had a good sense of humor about it. How could she be mad at Darby anyway! :0) Darby must just dump things on people she REALLY loves!

Well, hopefully it wont be another week and a half before I post again! This weekend is another busy one, but next week the calendar is looking nice and bare. With our Christmas shopping almost done, I'm looking forward to some relaxing! We will see if that actually happens!

Here is a video from the end of November that I keep meaning to post.

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Colleen said...

Hi Annie,
I just got your Christmas Card. SOOOOO CUTE!! Although, Darby might be needing some therapy sessions when she's older :-)