Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baking and Park Time With Mommy

Darby is a great little assistant for her Mommy! Last week I baked and decorated some sugar cookies for favors for my best friend Angela's 30th birthday party, and of course Darby helped!

Today after running some errands I decided to stop by the park and push Darby in the swing. A few weeks ago some friends of ours had their baby shower at a park. While we were there we put Darby in the swing for the very first time. She LOVED it! I brought my camera along today and snapped some pics. Next time I'm going to bring the video camera. It's way too cute how she smiles and giggles while she swings!

On Thursday Eric is taking the day off and we are taking Darby to sit on Santa's lap, finishing up our Christmas shopping and then going to go look at Christmas lights. I will be sure to take the camera along!

1 comment:

Monty said...

Eek! Look at that cute girl!

And can I tell you how jealous I am of your weather?

I'm freezing!! Do you have room on your couch for me? I keep threatening to head south for the winter!

Glad everything is great!