Friday, June 27, 2008

Almost There!

Another week has gone by and the waiting game is in full swing! Dr. Gonzalez kindly reminded me on Monday to have our bags packed because Darby could be here anytime. Of course my bags are packed! I don't think we could be ANY more ready to have this baby here with us! Here is an updated picture of the now officially huge baby belly. (you can click on each picture to view them bigger)

I still don't look like I've dropped at all. I've been walking twice a day now and I scrubbed the kitchen floors on my hands and knee's the other day! I've been having contractions here and there, specially when we are on our walks, but nothing hard and too consistent. Obviously Darby is pretty content being where she is but I am just hoping she gives me the best birthday gift ever on Tuesday!

A Deputy friend of Eric's was so nice to give us their hand-me-down infant car seat, base and car seat stroller! I found this cute car seat cover online to spruce it up for Darby. I am in love with it and just can't wait (I say that a lot!) until Darby is here and we can bring her home in her comfy girlie car seat!

Soon to be "big sister" Billie got a bath today and she is all clean for when her little sister comes home! She is even all dressed up for the occasion with a cute bandanna with strawberries on it! We know Billie is going to be so good with Darby, she is so patient with the neighborhood kids.

So next Dr. appointment is on Monday and THIS time she will check to see if I'm dilating or effacing. She had told me 37 weeks but was in a rush on Monday and said next week. I figured I've waited this long, might as well wait one more week, but I am just dying to know if anything is happening down there! Obviously since I haven't dropped, I can't imagine there is much, but I am crossing my fingers for SOME progress. Stay tuned!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Moving Right Along!

Another week has come and gone and here is an updated belly shot! Compared of course to last weeks, and then the run down of them all! (you can click on the pictures to make them bigger)

I don't think I've dropped much yet, but the belly is definitely still expanding! With our 37th week almost completed, it's just a waiting game! Darby could be here at any time - whenever she is ready! Dr. Gonzalez will check me on Monday to see if I'm dilating/effacing and I'll be sure to post an update! I haven't been feeling TOO much low pressure, but have been feeling crampy, specially at night, so I am interested to see if anything is happening!

We are amidst another heat wave here in Southern Cali and it is HOT! I am so thankful Eric bought that air conditioner for our room awhile back. I was hoping that it wouldn't get too hot again until after Darby was here, but fat chance. The heat is just all too much fun when you are already swollen and uncomfortable!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Just wanted to post an update from my doctors appointment this afternoon!

I am measuring a week ahead - 37 weeks! - and Darby is head down. She still has to drop a little more and engage, but she has time! My feet have been so swollen - my left foot worse then my right - but my blood pressure was perfect and everything checked out OK, so it's no cause for concern. Just the norm for being this pregnant I guess!

Next week we'll get the results from the group b strep test she took today, and she will check to see if I'm making any progress with dilating/effacement. I did talk to her today about what will happen immediately after delivery (provided everything goes smooth for a normal vaginal birth) and I just have to say that it made me even MORE excited for it to happen.

I am just looking forward to putting a successful pregnancy behind me and holding our baby Darby! It wont be too long now!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

Of course since Eric is a father to be this year, we HAD to celebrate Father's day! (Just like he did something for me on Mother's day!) So when we woke up this morning, I made a yummy breakfast for him - french toast, eggs and ham. Then he opened his Father's Day presents!

Ever since I bought my diaper bag, Eric has wanted a "daddy diaper bag" of his own, since he swore off the pink paisley one I had picked! So I figured it was appropriate to get him one, and fill it full of fun Daddy to be things!

His Mom also made a really cute burp rag that I put inside, with a decorative Sheriff fabric patch! He's all set with diapers, wipes, a cute pacifier that says "DAD" in a heart, baby powder, a Baby Einstein keys toy and of course what diaper bag would be complete with out a chocolate "I love Dad" pop in it! :-) Oh and the cute "I Love Daddy" onesie. Darby is going to look so cute in it, and of course she is just going to LOOOOVE her Daddy!

Darby got something for her Daddy on Father's day too! I had some additional 4d pictures done and put them in a little brag book with a card, just from Darby! Here are a few of the pictures -

She is definitely running out of room in there! That is her hand on her head, and I got confirmation that I indeed had a foot in my right rib!! The other foot was by her head.

Eric LOVED his Father's Day surprises, and I can't wait until I am able to give him the best gift of all, Darby!

36 weeks, 1 day and counting.. Dr's appointment tomorrow!

Happy Father's Day to all the Father's and Father's to be!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An Even Bigger Baby Belly!

Here is an updated picture of my ever growing belly! Darby is definitely running out of room in there. Today her foot is totally jabbing me in the right rib, it's killing me!

Here are all the pics I've taken side by side for comparison:

You should be able to click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Nothing new to report, just the same old baby baking and packing things for the hospital, so we are prepared whenever she decides it's time! Eric bought me a back massager and some lollipops to help during labor. You better believe I am making him practice massaging me! My back has been hurting and the massaging feels sooooo good!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Quick Update!

I had a OB appointment today and here is the latest! Darby is still head down (like a good girl!) and Dr. Gonzalez was able to find her heartbeat RIGHT away since she could feel where her back was!! Things are progressing well, I am working on my 36th week. I am starting the weekly visits, so my next appointment is scheduled for next Monday.

It seems like we are in prime baby birthing season or something! I was supposed to have my appointment last Wednesday, but it was canceled because a baby needed to be delivered. Today I got to my appointment 20 minutes early, bound and determined to be the very FIRST afternoon patient seen and not wait a million years in the waiting room. As it turned out Dr. Gonzalez had already delivered 3 babies earlier in the day and was in the middle of delivering another one when I was scheduled for my appointment! I decided to wait it out, I didn't want to have to reschedule again! I waited there over an hour and a half, but I was the very first patient seen so it was worth it.

Next week she will do an ultrasound to double check Darby's position and see how things are on the inside - fluid level, etc.

On Saturday Eric and I went to a all day Preparation for Childbirth class. I wasn't looking forward to being in a class for 8 hours straight, but knew it would be worth it because we both wanted to be informed. The class turned out to be fantastic! We both really enjoyed it, and feel so much more confident about the whole process. We learned LOTS of breathing and positioning techniques that should really help during labor. I know Eric is going to be such a great coach, and so supportive of my needs.

I am feeling good still, just a lot of low pressure. I hope that means that Darby is moving down and getting ready to come out! I certainly wouldn't be opposed to her arriving early - it would be the BEST birthday present I could ever imagine! (My birthday is July 1st for those who didn't know!)

Stay tuned!

Monday, June 2, 2008

One Of A Kind Onesies!

It's a little overdue, but I have been meaning to post about this!!

One of the activities at my baby shower was to decorate a onesie with fabric markers. Of course I loved them ALL and they are each SO special because they were handmade at my shower by friends and family! Here are some of my favorites, and the 3 I picked to win a prize:

This one was decorated by Eric's cousin Jordyn (who was also our flower girl in our wedding). It is definitely one of my very favorites, and I can't wait to put Darby in it! I know Darby is going to grow up looking up to Jordyn as an older cousin. They are going to have so much fun together!

Here are two of my other favorites! Decorated by my friends Jenny (left one) and Rachelle (right one). Rachelle is expecting a baby - Jackson - in August, hence the Darby + Jackson holding hands with a heart over them. Too cute!

The following 3 each won a prize for winning me over with cuteness. The first one was done by my old coworker and fellow unemployed friend (hopefully not for too much longer!), Luana. All it needs are a few glittery crystals to accent the crown she drew!!

This cute little sweet pea onesie was made by my brother in law's girlfriend, Amanda. I just love how she drew cute little pea's in a pod!

Finally, this one was decorated by my friend Yvonne, who just happens to be a children's clothing designer! Go figure!

All the onesies were decorated and displayed, I had no idea who made what when I went through to choose. It was so difficult to pick, I really loved each one and Darby is going to look so cute wearing them!

We are so excited to be working on my 35th week! Woo hoo! I have a DR's appointment on Wednesday, and we have our all day childbirth crash course on Saturday. It is all becoming so real! I am still feeling pretty good, like I said in my last post (I think I did atleast!) I just get horrible heartburn and tired easily. But for the most part, still have fairly good energy, enough for nightly walks with Eric and Billie (our dog)!

Lately on our walks we have done a lot of talking about Darby's middle name! It is still up in the air, but we do have 2 choices we both completely agree on. But who knows, we could stumble accross a new middle name we just both love at any time! Of course that will be a secret until she is here.. I know once we see her, we will just know!

Speaking of Darby, she is moving around soo much right now! She likes to stretch (I think its a stretch, obviously I can't see, so I'm not positive) and hit my bladder. It is the weirdest feeling. It's almost like being on a roller coaster while you have to go to the bathroom really badly. I love everything about her already, even if she is a stinker and hits my bladder multiple times during the day. Use your imagination and I'm sure you can figure out what happens to me when she hits my bladder. Lovely! :-)