Monday, June 9, 2008

Quick Update!

I had a OB appointment today and here is the latest! Darby is still head down (like a good girl!) and Dr. Gonzalez was able to find her heartbeat RIGHT away since she could feel where her back was!! Things are progressing well, I am working on my 36th week. I am starting the weekly visits, so my next appointment is scheduled for next Monday.

It seems like we are in prime baby birthing season or something! I was supposed to have my appointment last Wednesday, but it was canceled because a baby needed to be delivered. Today I got to my appointment 20 minutes early, bound and determined to be the very FIRST afternoon patient seen and not wait a million years in the waiting room. As it turned out Dr. Gonzalez had already delivered 3 babies earlier in the day and was in the middle of delivering another one when I was scheduled for my appointment! I decided to wait it out, I didn't want to have to reschedule again! I waited there over an hour and a half, but I was the very first patient seen so it was worth it.

Next week she will do an ultrasound to double check Darby's position and see how things are on the inside - fluid level, etc.

On Saturday Eric and I went to a all day Preparation for Childbirth class. I wasn't looking forward to being in a class for 8 hours straight, but knew it would be worth it because we both wanted to be informed. The class turned out to be fantastic! We both really enjoyed it, and feel so much more confident about the whole process. We learned LOTS of breathing and positioning techniques that should really help during labor. I know Eric is going to be such a great coach, and so supportive of my needs.

I am feeling good still, just a lot of low pressure. I hope that means that Darby is moving down and getting ready to come out! I certainly wouldn't be opposed to her arriving early - it would be the BEST birthday present I could ever imagine! (My birthday is July 1st for those who didn't know!)

Stay tuned!

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Colleen said...

Hi Annie,
I hope she does show up on your birthday, my first-born was born on my birthday, and it was super special. But no matter when she comes, it's gonna be amazing. Rub your belly for me!!