Monday, June 16, 2008


Just wanted to post an update from my doctors appointment this afternoon!

I am measuring a week ahead - 37 weeks! - and Darby is head down. She still has to drop a little more and engage, but she has time! My feet have been so swollen - my left foot worse then my right - but my blood pressure was perfect and everything checked out OK, so it's no cause for concern. Just the norm for being this pregnant I guess!

Next week we'll get the results from the group b strep test she took today, and she will check to see if I'm making any progress with dilating/effacement. I did talk to her today about what will happen immediately after delivery (provided everything goes smooth for a normal vaginal birth) and I just have to say that it made me even MORE excited for it to happen.

I am just looking forward to putting a successful pregnancy behind me and holding our baby Darby! It wont be too long now!


Brooke said...

I am glad that your appt went well! I am getting so excited for you now! I hope your labor goes FAST and SMOOTH! Keep us updated on how you are feeling! I like to see what I have to look forward too!

Monty said...

Yay! So glad everything looks great! You will be holding Darby before you know it!


Anonymous said...

Your edd is getting sooo close! You must be ready and so excited to meet Darby! I can't wait to find out what her middle name is. Love the daddy diaper bag. Too cute! I also can't wait to see if you're making progress "down there" next week. KUP! -holly (bbc)

The Loken's said...

The Loken's are very excited for all of you. Just an FYI: Russ has been giving Grandpa Murray lots and lots of Grandpa advice. Yes, I believe I overheard him say SPOIL!SPOIL! SPOIL! That is the word for Grandpa's. Our definition of spoil is "well loved". Darby is one well loved baby already. We love you all and our prayers are with you for a smooth and fast labor and delivery.