Friday, June 27, 2008

Almost There!

Another week has gone by and the waiting game is in full swing! Dr. Gonzalez kindly reminded me on Monday to have our bags packed because Darby could be here anytime. Of course my bags are packed! I don't think we could be ANY more ready to have this baby here with us! Here is an updated picture of the now officially huge baby belly. (you can click on each picture to view them bigger)

I still don't look like I've dropped at all. I've been walking twice a day now and I scrubbed the kitchen floors on my hands and knee's the other day! I've been having contractions here and there, specially when we are on our walks, but nothing hard and too consistent. Obviously Darby is pretty content being where she is but I am just hoping she gives me the best birthday gift ever on Tuesday!

A Deputy friend of Eric's was so nice to give us their hand-me-down infant car seat, base and car seat stroller! I found this cute car seat cover online to spruce it up for Darby. I am in love with it and just can't wait (I say that a lot!) until Darby is here and we can bring her home in her comfy girlie car seat!

Soon to be "big sister" Billie got a bath today and she is all clean for when her little sister comes home! She is even all dressed up for the occasion with a cute bandanna with strawberries on it! We know Billie is going to be so good with Darby, she is so patient with the neighborhood kids.

So next Dr. appointment is on Monday and THIS time she will check to see if I'm dilating or effacing. She had told me 37 weeks but was in a rush on Monday and said next week. I figured I've waited this long, might as well wait one more week, but I am just dying to know if anything is happening down there! Obviously since I haven't dropped, I can't imagine there is much, but I am crossing my fingers for SOME progress. Stay tuned!


Mandie said...

Hey Annie, OMG, I can tell you are so ready to POP that baby Darby out! Luv all the pics u put up of your updated belly, u are the cuttest! I know it must be so difficult to wait for the right time Darby wants to come out but be patient. Don't let the doc induce your labor before u turn 39 weeks unless something is wrong. Docs nowadays are so impatient and can't wait for nature to take its course. would be amazing if Darby chose to come out on your bday tomorrow, what a great bday present that wud be! We'll see! Advance happy bday already in case I forget tomorrow! Hope u have a great one, with darby in or out of your belly! hehehe...

Take care and hang in there. We are all so excited for you!

Monty said...

Happy birthday momma! Hope your little one makes her debut soon!

You look amazing!