Friday, June 20, 2008

Moving Right Along!

Another week has come and gone and here is an updated belly shot! Compared of course to last weeks, and then the run down of them all! (you can click on the pictures to make them bigger)

I don't think I've dropped much yet, but the belly is definitely still expanding! With our 37th week almost completed, it's just a waiting game! Darby could be here at any time - whenever she is ready! Dr. Gonzalez will check me on Monday to see if I'm dilating/effacing and I'll be sure to post an update! I haven't been feeling TOO much low pressure, but have been feeling crampy, specially at night, so I am interested to see if anything is happening!

We are amidst another heat wave here in Southern Cali and it is HOT! I am so thankful Eric bought that air conditioner for our room awhile back. I was hoping that it wouldn't get too hot again until after Darby was here, but fat chance. The heat is just all too much fun when you are already swollen and uncomfortable!


Monty said...

LOVE the belly! I don't think you have dropped either... Sorry about the heat! I can't imagine how uncomfortable you are.

You are doing an amazing job baking little Darby! She will be in your arms before you know it!


Kate said...

Wow, I can see the difference even in one week! Only two weeks, give or take, and she will be here! I know you can't wait to meet her.