Monday, June 2, 2008

One Of A Kind Onesies!

It's a little overdue, but I have been meaning to post about this!!

One of the activities at my baby shower was to decorate a onesie with fabric markers. Of course I loved them ALL and they are each SO special because they were handmade at my shower by friends and family! Here are some of my favorites, and the 3 I picked to win a prize:

This one was decorated by Eric's cousin Jordyn (who was also our flower girl in our wedding). It is definitely one of my very favorites, and I can't wait to put Darby in it! I know Darby is going to grow up looking up to Jordyn as an older cousin. They are going to have so much fun together!

Here are two of my other favorites! Decorated by my friends Jenny (left one) and Rachelle (right one). Rachelle is expecting a baby - Jackson - in August, hence the Darby + Jackson holding hands with a heart over them. Too cute!

The following 3 each won a prize for winning me over with cuteness. The first one was done by my old coworker and fellow unemployed friend (hopefully not for too much longer!), Luana. All it needs are a few glittery crystals to accent the crown she drew!!

This cute little sweet pea onesie was made by my brother in law's girlfriend, Amanda. I just love how she drew cute little pea's in a pod!

Finally, this one was decorated by my friend Yvonne, who just happens to be a children's clothing designer! Go figure!

All the onesies were decorated and displayed, I had no idea who made what when I went through to choose. It was so difficult to pick, I really loved each one and Darby is going to look so cute wearing them!

We are so excited to be working on my 35th week! Woo hoo! I have a DR's appointment on Wednesday, and we have our all day childbirth crash course on Saturday. It is all becoming so real! I am still feeling pretty good, like I said in my last post (I think I did atleast!) I just get horrible heartburn and tired easily. But for the most part, still have fairly good energy, enough for nightly walks with Eric and Billie (our dog)!

Lately on our walks we have done a lot of talking about Darby's middle name! It is still up in the air, but we do have 2 choices we both completely agree on. But who knows, we could stumble accross a new middle name we just both love at any time! Of course that will be a secret until she is here.. I know once we see her, we will just know!

Speaking of Darby, she is moving around soo much right now! She likes to stretch (I think its a stretch, obviously I can't see, so I'm not positive) and hit my bladder. It is the weirdest feeling. It's almost like being on a roller coaster while you have to go to the bathroom really badly. I love everything about her already, even if she is a stinker and hits my bladder multiple times during the day. Use your imagination and I'm sure you can figure out what happens to me when she hits my bladder. Lovely! :-)


Anonymous said...

Annie - I love the onsies! And the bladder stretch... that's probably her head and she's head butting you! It's very uncomfortable. I can't believe you're almost there. Can't wait to see pics! - Holls

Brooke said...

Decorating the onsies is such a great idea! I think I might do that for my best friends' shower, any other cute activies? I've never hosted a baby shower, only wedding showers.

Yo said...

Oh wow! I love this idea of decorating the onsies! Thanks for posting those! Sorry about the bladder thing...yikes! I'm so excited to see a pic of little Darby...only a few more weeks! Hugs to you! xoxo Yo!

Monty said...

Cute idea! I think all of us are going to do that now!