Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An Even Bigger Baby Belly!

Here is an updated picture of my ever growing belly! Darby is definitely running out of room in there. Today her foot is totally jabbing me in the right rib, it's killing me!

Here are all the pics I've taken side by side for comparison:

You should be able to click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Nothing new to report, just the same old baby baking and packing things for the hospital, so we are prepared whenever she decides it's time! Eric bought me a back massager and some lollipops to help during labor. You better believe I am making him practice massaging me! My back has been hurting and the massaging feels sooooo good!


Yo said...

So beautiful! Thanks for posting these shots. Hope you're hanging in there these last few weeks. You have been an inspiration to me!
xoxo Yo!

Colleen said...

A technical do you get those pictures to be side-by-side like that? And you still don't look like you're almost ready to pop!

hollyli said...

u r looking great! sorry for little punctuation. i have amelia in my arms. glad u r still feeling good. be prepared for pelvic pressure. that's when u know darby is getting ready! lovies, holly