Monday, September 1, 2008

A Labor Day Trip to the Park!!

Today we had a great day, spent at the Huntington Beach Park! Since it was Darby's official first park trip, we took a TON of pictures! Here they are!

I told Darby we were going to the park, she said "ooooh the park!! I'll put on my sun hat!!"
Daddy giving Darby park kisses!
Daddy smiling with Darby!
Darby said "Can we have a snack at the park? I'm hungry!"
"Mmmm, that snack was yummy! Silly Daddy put a leaf on my head while I was resting!"
"How do I look in Daddy's hat? I think mine fits a little better!"
Kisses at the park from Mommy!
Smiling with Mommy!
Just 'laxin...
It's a flying cross-eyed Darby baby here to save the day!!

"Look how good I can hold my head up. I'm getting so big!"

Daddy making silly faces!

"That was soo much fun, I want to go back, but MAN am I exhausted! Time for a nap!"


Brooke said...

Annie- Those pictures are SO ADORABLE!!!! She is such an angel!

hollyli said...

those pictures are adorable! i love the one with darby in daddy's hat! glad she had a lovely time at the park. lovies, holls & amelia

Yo said...

Oh, such great pics! Your little Darby is a treasure. Sending you tons of love! xoxo Yo!

Colleen said...

Hi Annie, have I told you lately that you and your hubby make super-cute babies?!?! I also love the diaper shirt. Hope your healing a little better, those babies sure do a number on us mommies :-)

jlmishler said...

soooo cute! YAY for family day at the park!