Monday, September 8, 2008

Eric's 30th Birthday Bash!

Eric turned 30 last Friday, September 5th! I figured there was NO better way to celebrate a milestone birthday like 30 then with a gigantic inflatable waterslide! Catering to Eric's undeniable heart of a child, I ordered one up... not knowing that there was a bigger better one available! When this slide was delivered on party day, the delivery guys told us about the "Big Kahuna Slide" and how much better it was!! After they left, Eric turned to me and said "I want the big kahuna."

SO, I made a phone call and was able to have them come back and switch it out if I paid the difference in cash! WELL worth the extra trouble!!!

It was definitely the hit of the party!!

Darby was ready to party! I made her a special onesie to wear for her Daddy's special celebration.

Eric was all ready to party too!

Then, Darby's dreamy boyfriend Jackson arrived so the party could REALLY start!

It was debatable who was having more fun, the kids? Or the adults?

Of course there was cake...

... and LOTS of fun with friends and family!

But it was a long day of partying and socializing. Darby was certainly pooped out!

So was her dreamy boyfriend Jackson!!

The party was so much fun, and we were so glad we upgraded to the Big Kahuna at the last minute! Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us!

Also, a BIG thanks to our great friends Angela, Josh and Thomas for taking some awesome pictures with our camera!

Happy Big 3-0 to Darby's Proud Daddy!


Brooke said...

WOW! Looked like you all had a blast! Great pictures! I love Darby's onsie, so cute! I am going to have to make some for Landon. I want one of those slides in my back yard!!!!

Princess Avanaar said...

Those slides are so much fun!! Glad you all had a great party!! Happy Belated B'day to Eric! =D

jlmishler said...

Oh man, if Troys bday were in summer not dead of winter I would so do the same thing!!! Aren't guys just big kids anyways? Hehehe YAY for you making his day special...and I love Darbys onesie!

hollyli said...

Love the pictures! The Big Kahuna looked AWESOME... well worth the extra $$$. Darby is so cute in her custom onsie. Way to go... did you slide down the Big Kahuna?