Thursday, August 14, 2008

Relaxin' in the Swing & 4 Weeks Today!

Here's a quick video of Darby relaxing in her swing this afternoon!

Darby has been growing so much in these past few weeks. I can hardly believe she is 4 weeks old today, and will be a MONTH old on Sunday! She is smiling more, staying awake during the day more (woo hoo!) and eating up a storm. I need to weigh her to see how much she's gained!

She LOVES to go on walks - which has me walking to run some errands like going to Walgreens and the Post Office instead of driving!! Luckily, it's been hot, but not TOO hot! She is so alert and prefers to sit so she can see around her, as opposed to being in your arms looking up at you. She has been able to hold her head up since practically the day after she was born - such a smarty!

Last week she went to her first summer concert in the park, and to a quick visit to the beach! We can't wait to take her on more fun outings as she grows!

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