Thursday, November 13, 2008

Exersaucer Fun!

I recently put together Darby's exersaucer, and it's a hit! She loves being in it and playing with all the cool toys.

Darby has been doing great, not up as much at night, but unfortunately we still aren't back to sleeping 6 hours straight! But beggers can't be choosers, and I'd rather have her only sleep 4 hours straight then one!

She will be 4 months next week! Time flies! I am excited for her Dr. appointment - but poor thing will have to get more shots. I'm not looking forward to THAT part! I just can't wait to hear how much she's grown, and find out whats next! I am hoping the Dr. ok's her for some rice cereal and to slowly start introducing fruits and veggies.

We are really excited to be planning a trip to Big Bear for Darby's first New Years with a group of our friends. It's going to be Darby's first trip, and I hope there will be some snow so she can experience her first snow too!

On another note, last week Eric started taking our little D on a nightly run with him in the baby jogger. She loves it! He says she is quiet the whole time - well she's only been three times, and fell asleep once! I have her all dressed and wrapped in a blanket and as soon as Eric gets home from work we put her in the jogger. He gets changed and off they go! It's great because I get to cook dinner (which I love to do) without interruption! I will have to take some pictures of Darby all snuggly in the jogger. For now, here are a few from their very first run together last Saturday
Just one more quick thing I wanted to share with all of you - yet another use for the all too useful Boppy pillow -


Monica said...

Annie, she is so sweet!!! What a cutie pie. Is her hair going to be red do you think?

Aunt Monica

jlmishler said...

Oh Darby is the sweetest little thing. Hahaha I heart the boppy...hmmmm is manly novemeber over with yet? Hehehe. I know how much you love the yukstasch!!!

hollyli said...

i love the last picture!