Thursday, September 10, 2009

Keeping Cool

One of the great things about living in California is the weather. But this summer, I'm not really sure where the gorgeous "California weather" went!! It has been a hot one! Until last week, Darby was one sweaty, cranky and hot baby, and so was I! (and Eric too, when he was home from work!) Our house is older, and even hotter inside then it was outside. We finally caved and got central air and heat, and it is HEAVEN! BUT, the process was anything but. Home improvements always take longer then you think, so when the AC guy told us 2 days, I knew it was too good to be true. But I never figured it would be as bad as it was! Long story short, we have a new ceiling in the hallway and ONE WEEK later, are sitting in a cool house. The heat is all ready to go for us once it cools down this winter (ok, we are whimps compared to you on the east coast and other places that actually get to experience winter).

Here are some pictures of D hanging out enjoying the air conditioning!

I came across these Darby sized Popsicles called Mighty Mini's. They are "slow melt" - I guess they put gelatin in the pops so they melt slower and they really DO melt slow! The size is perfect and Darby doesn't get covered in melted pop! Moreover, she LOOOVES them. Since she is getting 3 teeth at once right now, she REALLY loves them!!

I've heard from a few of you that you didn't get to watch Darby splashing in the tub before YouTube decided it wasn't appropriate. It's really the cutest thing, but I guess the world is full of sick people. I might try to upload it through Blogger and re post it, I will let you know!

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Laquita said...

I'm so jealous, not of the "Mighty Mini's", but of your AC. Good for you, always thinking of Darby and getting Central AC to keep HER cool!

Yo said...

So cook about the mighty minis! Where do you get them? What??? About the bath splash video??? Unbelievable. It was a very cute video. Yay for a/c--we might be homeowners soon, and do projects like that! Hugs to you all! Xoxo Yo!

Emily said...

oh, sister! She loves ice pops just like you used to! I remember how you loved to make your own and would ask for them all the time, even at breakfast! Mom gave you one too, since it was juice and that is a perfectly ok breakfast food!
Love you!

hollyli said...

i love ac!