Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Family Tradition

Now that Darby is a little older, everything seems more exciting! She is constantly in "discovery" mode - into everything, walking everywhere and always learning new things. It's so much fun. We decided to indulge her need to discover by taking her to a pumpkin farm. What's even better is that the farm is called "Murray Family Farms". I found the farm by googling pumpkin farms in the area. Once I saw it online, I knew we had to go!

We made a weekend out of it and took the trailer and went camping in the area, even our dog Billie got to go (but not to the farm, of course!). The farm was so much fun - corn mazes, play areas, petting zoo, pick your own pumpkin and a hay ride! It would have only been made better if there was actually some FALL-LIKE weather to go with it.

Since we pretty much don't have ANY traditions that don't include other family or friends, this will be our first one! We plan on taking our little family back next year to Murray Farms for our pumpkin picking and lots of fun! Darby loved it, and so did we.

We already can't wait until next year!


Monica said...

I love every single picture! Thanks for sharing.

Aunt Monica

Colleen said...

That looks like so much fun!! How cool to take a family picture under that sign each year :) It must be hard trying to do Autumnal activities without the typical New England weather you were used to :(

hollyli said...

looks like the pumpkin patch was a hit! Gosh, I wish it was tshirt weather here! Love all the pictures. I especially like the one where D crashed in the cart. So sweet!

Kate said...

I love her little baby Chucks! Looks like you guys had a good time...great pictures!

jlmishler said...