Saturday, December 19, 2009

Potty Time

Darby has had a busy week on the potty! Since last Saturday she has gone on the potty a grand total of 6 times (5 #1s and 1 #2!). One of those times was because she said she had to go (#2), the rest were just routine potty breaks after nap or before bed. Whenever she has a successful potty break, to reward her I blow bubbles in the bathroom while she is still sitting on the potty. The potty plays music when she goes, so that's my signal to bring out the bubbles! Here are a few pictures from today -

Now, I do realize Darby will probably hate me later on for publicly blogging about her potty training. But I don't care. I am just so proud of her and until I can post about all the other successes she will have in life - potty training it is!!

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Colleen said...

Get Darby over here to teach Maggie a thing or two!! I am AMAZED at how young she is and already peeing on the potty. I know it will be a while before she can actually just go by herself, but at least she won't be scared. I sat Maggie on it today when she told me she had to poop, and she just cried and screamed to get off. Maybe I should've started earlier...

Anonymous said...

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