Sunday, December 16, 2007

Third Times A Charm..

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Finding ourselves in familiar territory again is both refreshing and frightening. We are full of hope, but the hesitation of the unknown is hard to shake. Taking "baby steps" each day and focusing on the joy we feel knowing we are given another chance, helps us along.

The past haunts us, it is hard to give in totally, but knowing that there is a little one growing and developing fills us with a feeling that is absolutely indescribable.

We are farther along then we have been, in our 10th week. The progesterone the doctor has prescribed, combined with the fact that the slew of tests results after our last loss came back normal adds to our hope with this one.

Thanks to a find with we have the luxury of hearing our beautiful little beans heartbeat everyday if we want and we love it!

The second trimester will be welcomed the first week in January with open arms and much excitement. Really this is the best Christmas gift we could ask for, and hope and pray that the third time IS a charm and that this little one is for KEEPS!

As a new year is approaching, looking back, 2007 was a year of struggles, loss and emotional/physical pain. We look ahead to 2008 with promise and hope that our dreams will come true and in July we will hold our little miracle.

I will try to post more often from now on... no matter what the future may hold!

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