Saturday, December 29, 2007

Through The Eyes of a Child




The holidays are a magical time when your a child. But to me, even though I am a 27 year old "grown up" no longer shielded by the innocence of childhood, the holidays were most certainly magical. My nephews make it that way. So do my brother and sister.

Seeing the excitement in my nephews eyes on Christmas morning after Santa came, brought back so many memories. VERY early, my brother and I would always get up and sneek a peek while my sister, following the rules, layed in bed and waited until morning.

When you are a child, the most exciting part of Christmas is opening gifts. As an adult, and in my opinion, the most exciting part is being with family and enjoying the time together.

Sometimes I sit back and I just can't believe TIME. I can't believe my brother is married and has three adorable boys. Seems like yesterday his GI Joes were invading my Barbie house, and I was stealing candy out of his desk drawer. I can't believe the sister that was the best friend a little girl could have, has been married for 10 years and is in the heroic process of adopting a beauitful baby from China.

Here's to MANY more magical family filled holidays, looking forward to the hope and promises that 2008 bring us.

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Emily said...

cute pics of the boys, annie! I hope you had a good new years.
Are you going to post your photos to flicker? I didn't get many good christmas photos, so i want to get some from you for sure. You had some cute ones of me and miles that i love!