Tuesday, February 24, 2009

7 Months Old

Hi! I am 7 months old now ...

... and I can clap my hands! Yaaaaaay!!

I am a wiggle worm, I don't sit still for very long!

I am ...

getting ...

so big!

I can hardly believe Darby is 7 months old (quickly going on 8!). I don't know where the time went, but all I know is that the last 7 months have been amazing. Darby is growing so fast and doing new things everyday.

As a 7 month old Darby...
  • Claps her hands and sometimes makes "yaaaaaay" sounds while she does it!
  • Loves yogurt and loves to snack on Gerber yogurt melts, Gerber cheese puffs and all real fruit!
  • Babbles "Dattattatata" and "Mumumum" but we are still waiting for her to acknowledge us with one of them!
  • Went on her very first camping trip, and had a great time!
  • Tried real cut up cooked carrots and peas and wanted nothing to do with them after the first taste!
  • Still doesn't have any teeth!
  • Is close to crawling, but not there yet! (and I am in NO hurry for that one!)
  • Flirts with strangers everywhere we go!


Monica said...

What a cutie pie!! And her outfit looks darling. :)

Aunt Monica

jlmishler said...

So big!!!

Kelli said...

Darby is SO adorable!! :) How big is she? (height & weight wise) she seems pretty comparable to Delaney! I love your updates~ you always do such a great job! :) I want to take Delaney camping...unfortunately we live in good old NE and it's about 16' today..so that wouldn't fly! :(