Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Quick Nap & An Update

Here are a few pictures of Darby taking a little siesta in her moses basket this morning. I haven't taken a picture laying in it since she was a newborn. I can't believe how much she has grown.

Here are a few pictures when she was a few days old to compare the new ones to.

I can't believe how time is flying. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, time just gets away from me these days!

We are doing well, Darby is just growing so quick! She is trying to pull herself up to sit (head forward like she is doing crunches. I'll have to take a video of it), she will stand while you hold her hands and she responds to you if you talk to her with coo's.

The best news is that she sleeps 6 hours in a row at night! When she does wake up, it's just for a quick snack and then she is back to bed. I am loving that 6 hours in a row of sleep. It is heavenly!

She also puts herself to sleep at night in her co-sleeper. We have a nightly routine I call the 3 B's. Bath, Boobies and Bed. Always in that order! She loves bath time and I really think it helps relax her before I swaddle her up and feed her! Once her tummy is all full I put her in her co-sleeper, she usually looks around the room for a few minutes and before I know it she's out. Such a good baby.

We do have the occasional night where she forgets and is up more often, and fussy. That doesn't happen often though!

We are so excited this Thursday Darby's Aunt Emily and Uncle Andrew are coming to visit! My sister was here for the birth, but my brother in law was not so we can't wait to introduce him to his little niece. We will be sure to take some pictures to share with all of you!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how red her hair is! It's so cute- and it fits her name perfectly!


Kate said...

Look at all that red hair! I love it!

Yo said...

Oh my - she is turing into a little person! And, I third what the other two posters said...cute, cute red hair! xoxo Yo!

Emily said...

Annie, tell her to stop growing now! She is way too big and so different from how I remember her! It is going to make me cry for sure!
Love you sister friend!