Friday, May 15, 2009

Such a BIG Girl!

When Darby started grabbing the spoon from me while I would be feeding her baby food, I decided it was time for her to learn how to use a fork! She has taken to it pretty quickly - still needs help loading it up with a bite of food, but got the concept right away! She is such a good eater too (we always knew that!). Here she is enjoying some macncheese, chicken and watermelon for lunch the other day! She makes some funny faces these days!!

P.S. If you are a mom and you have a little one that is still bib-wearing age, and DON'T have one of the kiddopotamus bibs D is wearing in the pictures, (or something like it) GET ONE. I looove it! It is super easy to clean, catches pretty much EVERYTHING that misses her mouth (saves me time because before I would have such a huge cleanup to do between Darby, the highchair and the floor!) I like this one in particular better then anything else I've seen because its heavy but soft plastic and the pouch doesn't close!

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Mo said...

Excellent. I will have to find one of these bibs.

Olivia said...

Are you sure that D and Addie haven't been getting together in secret and practicing making faces together? Addie favorites are her "sniffy" face, with her nose all scrunched up, and she can do gymnastics with her tongue. Love IT!

Monty said...

Too freaking cute!! I can't beleive she is feeding herself!

I've heard about those bibs... they are officially on my 'list'!

jlmishler said...

so so cute!!!

hollyli said...

She is such a big girl... how many teeth does she have? and yes, we have a green kiddopotomus bib. Catches ALL!