Thursday, May 7, 2009

9 Months Old!!

WOW. I can't believe our little Darby doo is already 9 (quickly going on 10!) months old! Time is flying and she is growing! At her 9 month check up she weighed in at 20.3 lbs (75th percentile) and was 28.5" long (also 75th percentile). The doc said she is right on track, well, if she was a 13 month old!! No wonder our little amazon is wearing 18 month sized clothes!

Getting a picture is getting much more challenging now that Darby is on the go - to put it mildly! But even so, here are a few 9 month shots in the pink chair!

Kissing the pillow - she even makes the "mwah" sound now!

As a 9 month old, Darby:
  • Pulls herself up to stand, wherever she can! When she's done she plops herself down on her bottom.
  • "Cruises" - walks holding on to something like the couch or the ottoman.
  • Has 2 teeth and at least one more on its way in!
  • Says - "Hiiii", "uh-ooooh", "Mama", "Papa", "Buh" (for Billie, our dog), and "Elmo".
  • Loves to feed herself (picking stuff up) like chicken, beef, macncheese, bread, watermelon, grapes, peaches, crackers veggie sticks ... the kid loves to eat, and she loves to feed herself!
  • Points, with her pointer finger, at EVERYTHING!
  • Loves to read/look at her books. She turns the pages all on her own! Her favorites are "Where is Spot" and the Baby Einsteins "Mirror Me" - she still kisses the sun, now with her "Mwah" sound.
  • Is into everything. Pulls the dvd's off the shelf, turns the volume knob on the sound system, turns on the PS3, ejects dvds, tries to get into Billie's dog bowls, if there's something on the ottoman - she wants it. Keeps Mommy on her toes!!
  • Loves the park - and the swings. I try to take her a few times a week.
  • Has such a little personality. One time recently, I was kissing on her a little too much and she hit me!
  • Dances! She sways from side to side and puts her arms up! I need to get it on video! It's adorable.
  • Loves our neighbor friends Kaeli and Zane. When they are over, she is constantly by one of them, poking their arm, or pulling their hair. She loves playing with those two!
  • Still doesn't sleep through the night, but is such a good baby otherwise. Even though it can get rough, I just remind myself how happy she is all the time, how easy she is to take everywhere with me and how it could be so much worse! I know she will eventually sleep all the way through - right!??
Here is the updated slide show for comparison!

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Kelli said...

I had to laugh at the comment about you kissing D and her hitting you. I know, not funny...but I can see my D doing that! :P Too bad you live so far away sounds like our 2 D's are 2 peas in a pod. (read my recent blog post about how everyone thinks my child is also "amazon" as you put it!) Can you believe they are going to be 1!! soon??

Kate said...

She is getting so big! Amazon is right! ;o)

Monty said...

Dear miss Darby,
Stop growing up so fast!
Love, Monty

hollyli said...

i love it! she's a cutie!

Nate's Mommy said...

She is getting so big! She is such a cutie!! Nate will push us off of him if we kiss him too much...he uses his feet alot for that. LOL Love her pink chair!!