Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Darby & Billie

Darby loves our dog Billie, and luckily, Billie is really good with Darby. Sometimes she acts a little annoyed but for the most part Billie doesn't mind the new "impostor" in her world. I'm sure once Darby is older and can throw the ball for Billie they will be best friends! Here is a video I took of them together somewhat recently.

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Monty said...

Oh my gosh! Look at that cute little diaper butt!

And listen to her!! So fun!

I love her little army crawl! Too cute!

Monica said...

What fun to see her sitting up all by herself in the midst of all of her crawling. Billie seems to be a very patient dog.

Aunt Monica

SHERI said...

Hello Annie and Eric,

I just love following Darby. I remember when Eric first told me about the blog, I had so much catching up to do. I actually stayed up late to read your posting and look at all the wonderful photos. Annie, you have done a terrific job with the blog and Darby is such a beautiful baby. Not to mention you are a wonderful mommy. Everyone at work (LA Superior crt) send you and Eric their best wishes. WE MISS YOU ERIC. We had a potluck on Tuesday and Yesenia asked about Eric, so I will be sending her the link so she too can follow Darby's greatest adventures.
Love you guys,

Colleen said...

I think she is jealous of Billie's bling ;)

Nate's Mommy said...

Nate does that to our dog Lucy, he's always playing with her tags. She gets mad & leaves! lol I love D's army crawling skills!!