Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A True Story

Everywhere we go, I am always getting stopped by people commenting on Darby. This is one of those stories, that took a dramatic turn! I was approached by a lady at the grocery store recently. This is what happened.

Lady: Ooooooh look at that baby. She looks sort of like the Gerber baby!
Me: Oh thank you. *smiling*
L: My 2 girls looked EXACTLY like the Gerber baby.
M: Oh? Wow.
L: Yes, blue eyes, light hair. Now they are grown up. Are her eyes blue?
M: Yep. Definitely blue.
L: Sometimes they don't stay that way, they might still change.
M: Oh we are pretty sure they will be blue.

(she moves a little closer the shopping cart)

L: Oh, I have laryngitis. I went to the doctor today. I wont touch your baby don't worry.
M: Ok. Not swine flu, right?? (said in a joking manner!)
L: No, just laryngitis. Well my daughters had the most beautiful blonde hair. Now the older one dyes it black with a light streak by her face and the other dyes it red!
M: Oh?

(Hopelessly wanting this conversation to be over so I can finish my shopping!)

L: *reaches for her cell phone*
L: Here let me find some pictures. Now how do I do this?? *after a few seconds she finally figures it out and shows me - like I care!*
M: Oh they are pretty. (what was I supposed to say!)
L: Yes they are SO pretty and SO smart.
M: Oh that's really great.
L: So, you're expecting another? Or you just haven't lost the weight??

(wondering first of all, HOW she thinks she KNOWS what I looked like prepregnancy and secondly I have a bit of a belly, but seriously, PREGNANT??)

M: Oh, I haven't lost all the weight...
L: Oh yes, loosing the weight is so hard. Well I can't wait to have more of my own one day!

(I give her a confused look)
L: Grandchildren!
M:Oh yea.
L: Ok, I better go. Bye.
M: Bye. (Quite honestly wanting to cover Darby's eyes and give her the finger)

I guess if I look pregnant still, at least it's because I have THIS to show for it:

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Colleen said...

Oh Annie, I think all of us mothers have a story similar to that :)

When Maggie was 5 months old, we went to a wedding and someone said to me (knowing I had 4 kids) "So you're expecting again?"

I could've slapped her!!!!

That's why Phil refuses to even acknowledge anyone is pregnant until they are 9 months, because you just never know!

jill said...

wow people are crazy! how rude of her.

Monty said...

Um... psycho! Why do old people think they can say anything they want? Eesh!

Someone asked my mom if she had her baby yet. My baby sister was 3 months old and in her carseat in the shopping cart.

Ouch. People are stupid!

Kate said...

Gotta love people who have no boundries. I think you look great so don't listen to her. I think Darby is going to need her own personal bodygaurd!

jlmishler said...

Ugh how rude of that lady! you do NOT look pg! You look amazing and you have a sweet daughter to boot! Hopefully that lady will figure it out that she needs to give people space. You are so nice for even humoring her through that conversation! Hope all is well! PS you are beautiful and so is Darby!

hollyli said...

OMG! That conversation was truly unnecessary. Hmmpf! I would have covered D's eyes and given her the finger.

Emily said...

annie that is the weirdest, ever! you are beautiful sister and i love you!

Shannon said...

I hate crazy people! HAHA. Seriously, I agree with Colleen that all of us mothers have a story like that! I hate going to stores with the kids when they are little, because people always want to touch and get right in their faces! And they always think they can say anything to you! When I was only 5 weeks pregnant with Patrick, this woman got onto the elevator and started to spray perfume on herself, then looked at me and said "oh, I was going to spray perfume, but since you are pregnant, I'll wait". WTF! First of all, you shouldn't really spray perfume in such enclosed spaces around others anyhow, and secondly, the only part of me showing was the roll I never got rid of from my first! Anyhow, I feel you pain. You are beautiful and look great and you have a gorgeous little princess!