Wednesday, November 4, 2009


On Halloween we drove out to Orange to visit with Darby's Great Grandpa and Nana! She got all dressed up in her Panda Bear costume to show it off. We also go to see Darby's Great Aunt Sherri and cousin Jordyn - who dressed up too! We had a great time. Darby had fun seeing the horses and even got to ride one with Jordyn!

Darby had a GREAT time Trick or Treating - or "tricktreat" as she would say. Here are some pictures from our fun night!

One of the pumpkins I carved (while Eric napped)
Our "honor system" treat bowl on the front porch since we weren't home to hand out candy!

Darby blowing kisses to the pumpkins (she did this every day)

Ready to hit the neighborhood

First stop: Kaeli (Thumbelina) and Zanes (Iron Man) house!

Treat from Grandma and Grandpa Murray's house

Checkin' out her goodies, she got a ton of candy...

... and she got to eat a Kit Kat!

I'm so behind on posting, you will have to forgive me! Darby and I are heading down to Houston tomorrow to visit some friends. I am so excited, a bit nervous about traveling alone with her, but completely ready for the adventure! We will miss Eric a TON, but he will be busy taking the trailer up to Solvang and doing a 63 mile bike ride with a few of his buddies. I will have the camera with me - of course - so I will be sure to share our adventures with you when we get back!


jlmishler said...

I love love love her costume! Looks like everyone had fun. I love the pumpkin you carved too...i like how the stems a nose! Also D is so cute blowing kisses...looks like she is praying to the pumpkins. What a kid! Loves!

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M said...

Love all the pics! You guys are such a cute family!!


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