Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Counting our Blessings...

Today I feel lucky. I feel like even though we have been dealt a few bad hands, we still have an edge on the game. We haven't been through the worst, it's been difficult and painful, but some have greater hardships.

After we lost our first baby, I found a message board on BabyCenter.com. I mainly post on the trying to conceive and loss boards, it is like a daily therapy session. Every woman on those boards can relate to each other, we all know what we need. It is a fantastic support system.

Just the other day, we had a new woman join the board. Her story brought tears to my eyes, and made me go from being devastated with my own experience, to actually appreciating it. After carrying her baby girl for 37 weeks they received horrible news. They had lost their baby.

When the baby arrived, she was bathed, put in a white dress and she was baptised. They held her. They held her knowing she was already gone. I can't imagine that. My heart hurts just thinking about it.

Basically being told, here is your baby. You carried her for months, she is part of both of you. Hold her, look at her. But, you can't have her. She is already gone.

They have lived every day since for their beautiful baby girl in heaven, and have hopes of a healthy baby in their future.

We are lucky. We are SO lucky. Today we are counting our blessings. Blessings that didn't seem much like blessings at first. But now, through this woman's experience I can see that even though we are dealing with a lot of heartache and pain, we are lucky.

It is easy to become self consumed. To think about OUR lives, what WE go through and how unhappy and unfair OUR life is. I think we all need to stop every now and then to look at others. We need the experiences of others, to listen to them and grow.

Yes, there will be days when we all hate life, days when things can't possibly get any worse and we need answers we can't find. But really, why waste time focusing on the bad. When it comes down to it, we are probably luckier then we think.

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Emily said...

Hi Annie! I miss you! Check out our adoption blog, i put some new elements on it.
Love you, Emmy