Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Growing Baby Belly Update!

Just wanted to post this new pic of my growing baby belly. I feel more like a beached whale, but like I always say, feeling her move around in there is AMAZING! So I guess you could say I don't mind feeling like a whale, knowing there is a Darby in there!!


Yo said...

OMG - you are sooo beautiful! I love your belly pics. Sorry it's getting harder, but like you said, when you know your little Darby is growing away it makes it all worth it. Have a GREAT shower this weekend! xoxo Yo!

jlmishler said...

Still super petite and cute!!!

Colleen said...

Anne, you look wonderful!! I was wondering why the name Darby sounded so familiar (besides Darby O'Gill and the Little People movie) and I finally figured it out. My Dad is building a bunch of houses on the Cape, in a little subdivision, and he had to build a road to get to them. So, of course, he then had to name the road, and my Mom came up with the name "Darby Way". I'm not sure why she picked that name, I'll have to ask her. Anyway, once you have the new baby, you'll have to come visit and take a picture of her under the street sign!!