Thursday, March 19, 2009

Havin' A Blast!

Our trip so far has been SO much fun, and we are NOT ready for it to come to an end (which seems to be FAST approaching much to our dismay). We went to the Georgia Aquarium on Sunday, which is the biggest aquarium in the world! It was really neat, and the beluga whales were so pretty. Our 4 days in Florida at Rosemary Beach were WONDERFUL. Darby LOVED the beach and pool and the weather was awesome. We are back in Georgia now, arrived here around 11pm eastern time. Totally pooped and wishing we were still at Rosemary Beach!!

Tomorrow we are taking Darby to visit the Cabbage Patch Kids, BabyLand General Hospital and then to a park for awhile. It has been great spending time with Emily and Andy, and it always makes us wish we lived MUCH closer to them. Darby is really going to miss her Aunt and Uncle, she has such a great time with them!

I have taken a TON of pictures (really, I maxed out my memory card and had to go through and eliminate some!) so once we are home and settled, I will post more details and pictures from our trip!


Princess Avanaar said...

Yay for your Florida/Georgia vacation!! I *so* miss the beach ... my brother keeps teasing me that he's been going surfing! But hopefully we'll get to visit my family in FL this May! It'll be a blast, I'm sure! Glad you've been having so much fun!!

Laquita said...

It's like you read my mind. I've been thinking about you and wondering how your vacation was going. I just happened to check your blog tonight, although I didn't expect you to have time to post until you return home. So glad you're enjoying yourselves! (Darby's still the cutest!)