Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Vacation: 1st Day in Florida

On Monday (the 16th) we packed up and drove from Atlanta to Rosemary Beach, Florida. The weather was rainy and really dreary, but we all agreed it was OK since it was basically a traveling day! It took about 6 hours (we stopped for breakfast at a Waffle House and at the Florida welcome center for some orange juice!). We watched a few movies on the way and Darby was a good little traveler!

Here we are at the Florida welcome center, Darby's 3rd US state and my 49th!

Rosemary Beach is a community where some people vacation and some people live. After visiting, Eric and I both agree that if the summer heat isn't too unbearable there, we are definitely retiring there one day!

We rented a flat (like an apartment) for 3 nights, on the top floor of this building. This picture was actually taken as we left on Thursday, but I wanted to show you now what it looked like from the outside (hence the blue sky). Our flat was the one with the balcony on the top left. We LOVED it!

My sister and Andy were nice enough to let us have the master bedroom so we wouldn't be cramped with Darby's packnplay. It worked out perfectly with the king sized bed too since Darby joined us to snuggle every morning - early morning!

Rosemary Beach has 4 pools, a private beach, playgrounds, a fitness center, cute shops, restaurants and lots of grassy areas to play on. After we unloaded the car and got settled we went out for a walk. First we walked to the Cabana Pool, that also has a playground. Darby LOVES to swing, so we just had to let her enjoy her first Florida swing ride! Of course she had a great time. (So did Eric and Andy!)

Even though it was so gloomy, it wasn't raining so we walked on to the beach. Regardless of the dark clouds, it was still pretty!

Darby's first time sitting on the Florida sand!

She is such a cool baby with her Papa's sunglasses on!

After our walk around Rosemary Beach, we came back and made dinner in our flat. Emi and Andy cooked yummy dinners for us every night! Darby enjoyed her baby food, and a few bites of my meal too! She was always so happy (to put it mildly!) in the highchair that Emi and Andy bought. Here are some pictures I snapped of her squealing and singing the first night after dinner. Obviously, I hadn't washed her up yet from eating, thus the prunes and food all over her face!

Up next ... a beautiful day filled with fun at the beach and pool!


Angela said...

S! Your pictures are great, glad you had a fun time! But you can't retire there, I'll miss you ;)

Princess Avanaar said...

As an ex-FL native, I can tell you the summer heat is HOT and MUGGY! lol But, as long as you stay cool with water fun (pools, the beach) or with air conditioning, it's not too bad!!

Yay for your FL trip! That flat looks really awesome!