Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Vacation: Georgia Aquarium Day!

I've decided to post about our vacation in a several different posts, rather then just one.

We flew in to Atlanta on the 14th, to surprisingly rainy and pretty miserable weather! It was so great having my sister and brother in law there at the airport to greet us! They had everything we needed for Darby, so literally all we brought was her! (and a few small things like books and her elephant she sleeps with). We installed the car seat, which took all 4 of us, and we were on our way! (When does installing a car seat become easy!?)

After some sleep (we were so tired!), on Sunday we went to the Georgia Aquarium. The biggest in the world! Darby loved looking at all the fish and beluga whales. I have to say it was a pretty impressive aquarium! Here are a few pictures from our day at the Georgia aquarium:

After we got home from the aquarium, Darby played with Emi and Andy's 2 dogs, Strider and Sammy. They are Australian Shepard/black lab mixes, big doggies but total loves! Sammy wanted to lick Darby's face the every second she was in the room! Darby loves dogs so of course she was so happy they were there.

Here's Darby enjoying a little snack of cheese puffs and juice in the high chair Emi and Andy got. I love this high chair, and so did Darby! She was always SO happy in it, as you'll see in some pictures to come!
After her snack, my sisters best friend Kerri came by for a visit. In 2007 Kerri and her family adopted a little girl from China, Lexi. She is a doll! Darby gave her a big kiss as soon as they met. Little Lexi sang "Happy Birthday" to Darby, and a few other songs from her Kinder Music program she goes to with Kerri. It was so nice finally getting to meet them after following her blog and hearing about them from my sister. A BIG thanks to Kerri for letting us use Lexi's stroller and toys while we were there! Darby loved the stroller and so did we! THANK YOU!
After the visit and dinner, Darby had her bath and went to bed!
Next up... our trip to Florida! Stay tuned!


Princess Avanaar said...

I *lovelovelove* aquariums, so I'm glad you guys had a great time!! We have a small one at our zoo here, and I can't wait till the weather *stays* nice and we can take J!

The picture of little D with her seal was just too cute! And I love the one of her in her towel ... she looks like a character out of Dr. Seuss! =D

Monty said...

Love the pics! How fun!