Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Darby & Kaeli

Like I said in the last post, the interaction between Kaeli (4yr old neighbor) and Darby is too cute for words. Today I took some pictures of them in their tutu's (I made Kaeli one too).

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

For those of you who asked about how to make a no sew tutu, THIS is a really good tutorial.

I can't believe Darby will be 8 months on Tuesday! She is really growing up way to quickly. We will be celebrating her 8 month birthday in Florida! On Saturday morning we are off to visit my sister and brother in law in Atlanta, and then from there going to Florida for a few nights. We are very excited for our first vacation with little D. I am crossing my fingers that she is a happy traveler during the 5 hour plane ride! She is starting to cut her first tooth, so that should make it interesting!

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Monty said...

Too darling! Good luck on your trip!

8 months?? Yes, they do grow too quickly!