Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 Month Old Time Outs & a Julie Update

I have to say Darby is certainly wise beyond her months, and not necessarily in a good way! 10 months old and she already knows how to throw a tantrum - I'm talking head whipping back, body turning into jelly, scream filled, TANTRUM! I always thought tantrums happened later, at least after their first birthday! Darby knows what the word "NO" means, she hears it a million times a day because she LOVES getting into everything she shouldn't, even if she has just freshly heard the word "No". She will look at you when you say "no" then go back to doing what you told her not to! Naughty little thing!

Today, she was attempting to get into the cabinet in the living room (for the millionth time I might add). I've decided that once I've said "NO" and removed her from doing what she shouldn't be, if she goes back to it, she will get a time out. Yes, time outs at 10 months old. I think if she is old enough to know what she is doing (which she DOES), she is old enough to be corrected! Obviously I am not expecting much from 10 month old time outs, but I have to start somewhere. I've decided to stick her in her packnplay immediately after saying "NO" for just a few minutes. Hopefully she starts connecting it all and we get somewhere.

Saying "NO" a thousand times a day is exhausting. I'm sure only to get worse before it gets better!

With Julie's lung transplant it is all about baby steps. She is making improvements daily, but there are also set backs. All in all, she is doing great. Right now she is breathing on her own (with some extra oxygen) and no longer with the help of the ventilator. They have taken her out of bed and she was able to sit up right in a chair. Of course she is still in pain and has a ways to go, but being a week out from such a massive surgery, she is doing wonderfully. Her lungs are working 100% and she is fighting with everything she has. We love her so much and ask for your continued prayers!

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Kate said...

That's great news about your MIL! But it sounds like Darby is giving you a run for your money...lol. Good for you for starting discipline with her. It'll be easier now rather than when she's 5 and can fight back! The only thing I would mention is that if you always use the pack n play for a time out she may start associating it as a negative thing so that when you put her in there because you are traveling and that is where she is going to sleep she might think she is in trouble. She might not...she is still young. But like you said she is wise beyond her months...lol!