Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today ...

... I was that mother in the store with the child SCREAMING at the top of their lungs. Darby has been teething pretty bad lately. She has 2 bottom teeth, and it looks like she is getting a few more on the bottom. Any day now. I just wish they would pop through so my poor baby can get some relief and a good nights sleep (and me too). At least when she is screaming in public I can comment she is teething. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before it's because she is being naughty!

... Darby is 11 months old! I realize I still haven't posted a 10 month post, but I'm sure you all understand this month has been a bit crazy for us! I will post months 10 and 11 together soon!

... I talked to Darby's Pediatrician about transitioning from breast milk to whole milk. I am going to mainly pump (even though I hate it! So time consuming!) and give her bottles of breast milk/whole milk combined. Today after lunch she had breast milk mixed with half an ounce of whole milk. I will do that for a few days, then switch to 1 ounce, and gradually increase till its all whole milk! The only time Darby really nurses for comfort is in the middle of the night (but not every night). That may be challenging with the weaning, but I am confident she will do fine. I have loved nursing Darby. It has created lots of special moments and has been very beneficial for her!!

... My Mother in Law is doing GREAT! The trach tube has been removed, she is no longer on any oxygen and is starting to talk again. Eric even talked to her on the phone this morning! We are so happy for her. She may even be able to come home in a week or so! Amazing! Thanks again for all the prayers!

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Monty said...

Such great news about Julie! Praise the Lord!!

Poor Darby! Teething cannot be fun! Good luck weening! You are a trooper breastfeeding this long! I hope I can do that!

Colleen said...

Lucky for your breasts she only has two teeth ;)