Thursday, June 11, 2009

I can't live without ...

As a mother, I am always on the hunt for ANYTHING to help make life easier. There are definitely some things out there that do the job. I've decided I need to make sure everyone else knows about these gems too! The plan is to post each Thursday about something I just can't live without - or don't want to live without! Hopefully I can stick to the plan. Of course Darby updates and things about her will still be thrown in, but I'd also like to branch out a little and have more variety in my posting.

First things first. Diaper trash bins. Some people swear by the Diaper Genie - but I don't want to hassle with having to buy specific trash bag refills. I feel like a regular trash can would stink up the house to high heaven. We have a Diaper Champ but even still sometimes when you walk into the room you can tell there are dirty diapers lurking. Well, not anymore! I discovered these babies:

They WORK! It's amazing. Dirty diaper smell no more. I'm almost positive if you just used these with a regular trash can in the baby's room, the smell would be significantly less. Another reason why spending money on the Diaper Genie refills isn't worth it. Unless they make scented refills ... and if they don't they probably should!!

I know it's not that complicated to put some Johnson and Johnsons No More Tears shampoo on a washcloth. It takes 2 seconds, if that, and it's probably more cost effective then these:

BUT I can't live without them. I keep a pack of these (and a spare) under the sink in the bathroom. I don't have to remember to grab a washcloth before I stick Darby in the tub. All I have to do is reach into the cabinet, dip it in the water, lather D up, rinse her off and toss the washcloth. There is always enough soap on it, it doesn't irritate her eyes just like the normal stuff and simply put - it just makes life easier!!

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Colleen said...

Thanks for the trash bag tip - why haven't I known about these all along???

Monica said...

I look forward to your Thursday tips. That is a great idea. And of course your little model is the best part about today's tips.

Aunt Monica

Brooke said...

I use those same trash bags in my diaper pale!!!! I love them! I used those wash clothes when Landon was a newborn but I haven't since, maybe I will start again. I don't know how many times I have to yell downstairs to Ray to get me a wash cloth for Landon.

I can't wait to see what else you can't live without!

Monty said...

Yay! LOVING this! I'm totally taking notes!!

S said...

I recently bought those trashbags too! They have been a lifesaver for my kitchen trash, and maybe one day I'll try them with the diapers ;)